Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 26 - 29

Sun 26th Our Football themed Sunday service went well.  Pastor had us switch sides at half-time.  Most people laughed at it although some really didn’t like it. However, no one refused to change seats. The “cheer leaders” led us in “Hallelu Hallelu Hallelujah Praise Ye the Lord” and actually managed to get these Methodist to raise their arms in church!

Mon 27th Ella’s payday so we went to the bank to deposit and then to the store to spend. 
Tue 28th A good day to do very little.  I’m not feeling well.  Thanks to the littlest great-granddaughter
for sharing her germs!  Speaking of the ‘greats’, we had them for a few hours this afternoon.  Normally we wouldn’t have had Charlotte.  However, she had and ‘extra’ tooth pulled –
and the one in front of it fell out at the same time.  So, since she could only eat soft food, we
took them to get ice cream at a place that puts “eyes” on all of their ice cream creations.  Rori liked them but Charlotte said she was going to vomit.  Different personalities!
Wed 29th We spent the day at Nathan’s watching Rori.  Grandma took Charlotte to school and I went to our Men’s Bible Study.  I’m feeling better today . . . but still not feeling good.  So I just vegged out in front of Nate’s big screen tv.  Rori’s germs struck again!  Nathan came home early from work . . . sick.  We stopped at Village Inn for soup and pie.  When we got home we were sitting on the patio enjoying the evening, when an old neighbor stopped by to visit.