Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome William

As of yesterday afternoon we have our third great grandchild.  
William Allen 8.2 pounds, 20.2 inches
Great grandma Ella and William - no, she is not sleeping.  it just isn't that flattering of a pose

William with sisters Charlotte and Lorelei
Daddy is making sure his head is supported.

I'll have more pics to post once I get them uploaded to Picasa

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surprise! Real words and no pictures

June 16 2012, Saturday.
            I received a call from Becky, my ex-wife.  She told me that Andres, our son-in-law had a seizure.  (On Father’s Day Amber, my daughter called and I heard more details.)
            Amber had been having trouble sleeping.  So she had gone into the guest bedroom so as to not wake Andres.  A short time later she heard a sound from the master bedroom.  Thinking that one of the girls had awakened, she went to check on it.  It was Andres “bent over like a jockey and bouncing up and down on the bed.”  His eyes were rolled back into his head and he was foaming at the mouth.
            Amber called 911 and then called some friends to come and watch my granddaughters.  Amber held Andres until the paramedics arrived.  She said, “I thought he was going to die in my arms.”  It was very scary.  The three girls slept through the entire incident, ambulance siren and all. 
            Once her friends had arrived to stay with the kids, Amber went to the hospital and stayed until Andres had come out of the seizure.  She then had to return home to be with the girls when they woke.
            The doctors have run (and will continue to check) various tests, but have been unable to determine a cause.  In fact they say that Andres is in excellent health and great physical shape.
            He will be on medication for the next three to five years that is supposed to decrease the chance of his having another episode.  He will also be restricted from driving for the next six months.  This is going to force a lot of changes on their household and shift more responsibilities onto Amber, who is already juggling a lot of things.
            Please add them to your prayer list.

June 17 2012 Sunday Fathers’ Day
            I called Andres to wish him a Happy Father’s Day and talked with him for a little bit.  He said that he is feeling fine … like nothing happened.  They were on the way to the beach (they live in Miami) with the friends who had babysat during the seizure incident.
            After talking with Andres, I called Arik to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  He was at work at the restaurant and preparing for the expected crowd of families celebrating with their fathers.
            I preached at Cutty’s Worship service in the morning.  Ella worked in the afternoon.
            Adam, with his two kids, Tate and Emery, came to wish me a Happy Father’s Day and take me to lunch.  We went to El Mariachi Restaurant in Johnston.  Adam had beef fajitas, both kids had quesadillas, and I had chili Verde made with chunks of port loin.  The only other times that I’ve eaten chili Verde it was made with pork chops.  I preferred the loin.
            After we returned home to Cutty’s Resort, Tate and Emery went swimming at the large indoor pool at the clubhouse.  Ella was able to come and watch them swim for a while as she worked.
            Adam was telling me about his winning $400.00 as the “Biggest Loser” at work. This is the second year that he has entered and the first time that he won.  Last year he mixed dieting and exercise.  This year, however, he just went the diet route.
            He started by juicing for several weeks and took off most of the weight fairly quickly.  He then went on a vegetarian diet for several weeks to maintain the weight loss.  Then he did another round of juicing to take of the final weight.
            Adam said that he is concerned about my health and weight and that I should consider juicing.  At nearly 300 pounds, even at 6 foot, I could stand to lose a third of my weight.  If he brings the juicer over, I think I’ll try it for a while.
            I used to have a juicer of my own and enjoyed it.  However, the idea of running all of that produce through the machine and then throwing the bulk of it away just goes against my stingy soul.  I do miss running frozen cantaloupe melons through it and eating the instant sherbet.
            Heather called to say Happy Father’s Day but, since she was at work, she was called away before we had a chance to really visit.

June 18 2012 Monday.
            Monday was a work day for me. Eight to three thirty.  Ella watched the great granddaughters from about seven to early afternoon.
            It was a strange day in the weather.  The heat index was around 110 degrees and we were having 45 mph wind gusts.
            When I got home from work, I sat down with the laptop to work on the checkbook and the budget.  However, when I realized that I had gone to sleep with my hands on the keyboard (I’d typed a long line of ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd) I put the computer away, dropped the recliner into full laid out mode and took a nap.  When I woke it was nearly seven p.m.  I watched “America’s Got Talent” and then went to bed. 

June 19 2012 Tuesday
            I woke around five thirty, as usual.  This morning I finished working on the budget and checkbook.  This was another work day for me.  Eight to three thirty again.  I have managed to stay awake long enough to type this blog update.