Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 January 13 - Friday the 13th

     Ella had her dentist appointment yesterday.  They pulled a molar and fixed several cavities.  She still has another cavity to fix at a later date.  She says that her tongue feels better now that it is not running over the edges of a broken tooth.

     Well the dusting of snow from yesterday is still here and there were scattered flakes in the air earlier today.  The sun is coming out now but the predicted high is only twenty-three.  Sunday it is supposed to return to the forties.  I'm just glad that the wind has eased up again.

    When we came home from the dentist yesterday, a section of our insulation skirting had blown loose.  I couldn't get duct tape to stick (due to the cold) so I jammed it into place and pushed a picnic table against it.  I hope it holds until the temps warm up enough to use the tape.
    I had the Bible study at Emeritus yesterday.  I had picked up some study material at Iowa Religious Resources on Psalms.  I thought that it might work with Alzheimer and dementia patients.  When I got it home and had a chance to examine it, I realized that it goes way too deep for my group to handle.  So, we prayed, sang some songs and read the twenty-third psalm.  I then did a brief line by line message on the psalm and then we sang some more hymns.  I think that this is going to be the pattern that works best.  They seem to enjoy the music even if only a few of them sing along.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 January 10

            Let’s catch up (not ketchup) about what must-be-heard (not mustard).  Sorry!
            Sunday the 8th Sunday school and church.  Not much else.  Afternoon nap.
            Monday the 9th we ate breakfast and then headed to Aspen dental for Ella’s 8:10 appointment.  We arrived at 8 and saw the sign on the door that the office opened at 9.  That’s when Ella checked her appointment card and … sure enough … it said the appointment was for 9.
            So, we went across the street to McDonalds for coffee.  I didn’t know that McD’s has ‘senior coffee’ for fortysome cents.  We sat and drank and visited with other seniors and checked in on Facebook.
            Next, we were back at the dentist for x-rays and consultation.  Ella needs about $1,100 worth of work done.  They require half down to even set the first of four appointments.
From there we went to babysit (child sit) with the ‘greats’. Charlotte was already at school when we arrived.  We had a little time with Lorelia – she read a couple of books to each of us. After dropping Lorelia at preschool, we went to Old Chicago Pizza for the buffet lunch.  I was a good boy (almost) and only had two slices of pizza (Chicago style deep dish) one with chicken and sundried tomatoes, the other with kielbasa and roasted jalapenos. I also had a small (for me) helping of linguini of which I didn’t eat the last couple of forkfuls.
            From there we went back to Nate and Beth’s.  Ella did laundry and I watched a little bit of Sr. vs. Jr. American Chopper.
            Very quickly it was time to pick up Miss Charlotte from school.  As we were headed that direction (into the sun), I realized that I’d left my hat at Old Chicago.  So after Charlotte was in the truck, we went back and got my hat.  This is the straw ‘cowboy’ hat that Vincent left at our place the last time he was home in the states.
            We drove on over to the preschool and waited for time for Lorelia’s dismissal.  While we waited, Charlotte showed us some of her drawings from school and sang some of the songs that she is learning in Sunday school and the Wednesday evening club at church.
            As soon as both girls were in the truck, the teasing and screaming started!  As soon as the pecking order had been reestablished things settled down.
            Audrie arrived home from work at the same time we pulled in with the girls.  So we only stayed long enough to pick up the laundry and give everyone hugs and kisses.
            Arriving home, we carried the laundry in and then I set about empting the holding tanks and refilling the freshwater tank.  Then we just sat with our feet up until it was time for me to go to Administrative Council meeting at church.
            Ad Council started on time and ended early because there was so little to report.
            Back home, TV for a bit then off to bed.
Tuesday the 10th After breakfast, Ella worked on filling out doctors’ information forms while I’ve been typing this to post on the blog.
            We will be leaving soon to go to Nate and Beth’s so we can take Lorelia to preschool.  Then we’ll be heading to church to take down the Christmas decoration from the sanctuary. 
--- passage of time---
We are back home now.
            After working at the church for a while we went to Broadlawns and picked up my medical records.
            From there we went to Sam's to purchase gasoline.  As long as we were there, we picked up a few groceries.
          Then we went to Walgreen's to pick up Ella's prescriptions.