Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 May 31

Schedule for next weekend

Rain drops on our pea plants

The marsh in the rain

Our soggy campsite on a gray day.

            I was a preteen living at my mother’s house in Johnston and down in a large hole in the back yard.  The hole was about three foot by three foot by three foot.  I was starting a fire by lighting some corn husks.  I was planning to warm some left over pancakes on the fire when I realized that I needed to go pee.  I ran to the house and couldn’t find the bathroom.  That was when I remembered that the bathroom was an outhouse close to where I had been playing.  As I was running to the outhouse, I awoke.  It was about five a.m. and I really did have to pee.
            That’s how my day started.  The rest of the day was less exciting. 
            It rained all day.  It was a slow soaking rain and cold.  The high only reached fifty three.  I have had the electric fireplace on since I woke up.
I fixed and ate breakfast while Ella slept.  Her idea of a day off is to sleep in.  My idea of a day off is to get up and start enjoying the day.
            I balanced the checkbook and updated the budget.
            I read and responded to my emails.
            I browsed through Facebook.  I’m so disappointed that most people are just reposting clever things that someone else has said.
            I then checked in on some of the games I’m playing on Draw Something and updated them.
            I watched two episodes of Blue Bloods on Droid TV.
            Then Ella woke up and I fixed her breakfast.
            A couple hours later I warmed up some left-overs for lunch.
            About one p.m. Ella laid down for a nap and I went to Emeritus for our weekly Bible Study.
            I got home around two thirty and sat down to read.
            Ella got up from her nap around three thirty.
            I started supper (griddle corn cakes) around four.
            At four forty-five I took Ella to work and then took a garbage bag full of pop cans up to main street where there is a collection site.  Cutty’s is collecting the cans for deposit which will help pay for the fireworks on Independence Day.
            After I returned home, I read some more until my friend Stoney stopped by.  He is preaching at our Sunday service this week and was leaving some information with me for the bulletin.  We visited for a very short time about what he wanted in the bulletin and then he left.  I put the bulletin together on the computer with the information I have.  We’ll go over it tomorrow morning and then I’ll email it to the church secretary for printing.
            By this time it was about time for Ella to be off work so I went to get her.
I was hoping to watch Americas Got Talent but it was reruns of earlier in the week.
            Now it is bed time.
Maybe I’ll have an action packed adventure in my sleep to make up for a really dull, do nothing day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 May 29 photos from the last few days

Getting Memorial Day Breakfast ready at Cutty's: eggs to order, toast, hashbrowns, sausage or ham, juice, milk and coffee for $3.00

Eating breakfast

Memorial Day Weekend Activities Schedule

Considering that I'm this much taller than the door, it's a wonder that I seldom bump my head on it.

Iowa Ortho where I learned that I have a torn meniscus which will need surgery...once the VA approves.

I'm really excited about great granddaughter Charlotte tieing me up with the rope she crocheted.

Some of the preparation for Memorial Day at Cutty's

Jim caught  "Walter" and released him back into the lake for someone else to catch.

I'd post more, however blogger is running very slowly.  Don't know if it is my connection,  browser, or something running in the background on the computer.  Later.