Davis Family Tree

Name:  Charles F Davis
Davis Family Tree

Thomas Edward Williams
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  Self

Name:  Thomas Edward Williams
Birth: 23 January 1947
Birthplace:  Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States
Residence:  1950 Johnston, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1960 Johnston, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1966-1968 U.S. Army
Residence:  1970 Johnston, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1980 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1990 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  2000 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  2010 Grimes, Polk, Iowa (Cutty’s Camping Resort)
Death;  Living
Father:  Clarence Edgar Williams (Ausley)
Mother:  Mary Iola Coons     
Spouse:  Becky Sue Wilson
Married:  21 March 1971 / Divorced:
            Arik Skot 1972-
            Amber Beth 1976
            Adam James 1979
            Heather Renee 1981
Spouse:  Ella Louise Nye (Lass)
Married:  26 December 1993

Mary Iola Coons
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  Mother

Name:  Mary Iola Coons
Birth:  31 July 1907
Birthplace:  Prescott, Adams, Iowa, United States
Residence:  1910  Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1920  Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1925  Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1930   Beaver, Guthrie, Iowa
Residence:  1940
Residence:  1950 Johnston, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1960 Johnston, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1970 Johnston, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1980 Johnston, Polk, Iowa
Residence:  1990 Woodward, Dallas, Iowa
Death:  4 September 1994  Woodward, Dallas, Iowa
Father:  Aldo Francis Coons 1867-1955
Mother:  Bertha Ellen Jones 1874-1952
Spouse:  Clarence Edgar (Ausley) Williams 1960-
Marriage:  19 August 1929 Creston, Union, Iowa
M        Kenneth Edgar 1930-1994
F          Maryann 1932-
F          Earline Elizabeth 1935-1956
M        Thomas Edward 1947-

Aldo Francis Coons
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  Grandfather (Mother’s Father)

Name:  Aldo Francis Coons
Birth:  3 February 1867
Birthplace:  Kent, Union, Iowa United States
Residence:  1880 Mercer, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1885 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1900 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1910 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1915 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1920 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1925 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1930 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1940 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1950 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Residence:  1955 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Death:  3 December 1955 Prescott, Adams, Iowa
Father: William H Coons 1843-1922
Mother:  Lucinda H Davis 1847-1892
Spouse:  Bertha Ellen Jones 1874-1952
Marriage:  28 March 1891
M        George Francis “Sham” 1893-1981
M        Jesse Ray “Johnny” 1896-1971
M        Earl Edward 1897-1917
M        Everett Harvey “Bill” 1901-1986
F          Lucinda 1903-1903
F          Mary Iola 1907-1994
F          Cecil May 1909-1987
M        Ralph Harold “Mike” 1912-1979
M        Edgar Leroy 1922-1944

Lucinda H. Davis
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  Great Grandmother (Mother’s, Father’s, Mother)

Name:  Lucinda H Davis
Birth:  23 March 1847
Birthplace:  Edgar, Edgar, Illinois, United States
Residence:  1850 District19,Edgar, Illinois
Residence:  1856 Benton
Residence:  1860 Bento, Wayne, Iowa, United States
Residence:  1880 Mercer, Adams, Iowa, United States
Residence:  1885 Prescott, Adams, Iowa, United States
Death:  11 May 1892
Father:  Charles F Davis 1821-1894
Mother:  Delilah Anna Mainard 1824-1849
Spouse:  William H. Coons 1843-1922
Marriage:  1 January 1873 Creston, Union, Iowa United States
M        Aldo Francis Coons 1867-1955
F          Nellie V Coons 1883-1892
The Murder of Lucinda Davis Coons & her daughter Nellie

In the morning of May 11, 1892 William Coons went out of town leaving his wife Lucinda ,10 year old daughter Nellie and 16 year old nephew James Dooley at home. When came home several hours later, he found his wife and daughter murdered.
James was working for his Aunt and uncle as a farm hand. After William left the house, Lucinda scolded James for neglecting their cattle and allowing them to get into a neighbors field.This made James angry. At some point during the morning he had gone into town and purchased a revolver. When Lucinda scolded him repeatedly over and over he took a padlock he had in his pocket and hit Lucinda on the head with it twice. This knocked her down where they struggled for a time and he then shot her. Nellie was out in the barn and came running in. As she came in James hit her on the head with the padlock knocking her down and then shooting her in the forehead.  He layed the bodies in the bed and then took some clothes and a team of horses and buggy and drove away. He was caught the next day a few miles away at the home of another relative where he was arrested and sentenced to death for first degree murder. There was also some speculation that he may have tried to sexually assault his Aunt and Cousin, but this was not proven. He was taken to the Iowa State Penitentiary where he was imprisoned until October 19, 1894 when he was executed by hanging. He was 18 years old at the time of his execution making him the youngest person to be executed at the prison and he was also the first person to be executed at the new prison.
Information from the Iowa State Historical Society:

Charles F Davis
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  2nd Great Grandfather
Birth: 1821
Birthplace:  Estill, Kentucky, United States
Residence:  1850 District 19, Edgar, Illinois
Residence:  1856 Benton, Wayne, Iowa
Residence:  1860 Benton, Wayne, Iowa
Residence:  1870 Benton, Wayne, Iowa
Residence:  1880 Benton, Wayne, Iowa
Residence:  1885 Benton, Wayne, Iowa
Death:  9 January 1894
Father:  George Davis 1785-1848
Mother:  Elizabeth Able 1784-1860
Spouse:  Delilah Anna Mainard 1824-(record show 1849 However, she was still alive for the census in 1860 and Clarinda was born in 1864)
Marriage:  2 December 1841 Edgar, Edgar, Illinois
Marriage:  22 February 1849 Edgar, Edgar, Illinois
F          Permela Emeline 1842-
F          Mary 1846-
F          Lucinda H 1847-1892
F          Delilah 1849
F          Elizabeth A 1850-1860
F          Martha R 1856-
M        John W Davis 1858-1913
F          Clarinda 1864-

George Davis
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  3rd Great Grandfather

Name:  George Davis
Birth:  1785
Birthplace:  Halifax, Halifax, Virginia, United States
Residence:  1820 Estill, Kentucky,
Residence:  1830 Edgar, Illinois
Residence:  1840 Edgar, Illinois
Death:  14 February 1848 Edgar, Edgar, Illinois
Father:  Captain Jessie Davis 1756-1825
Mother:  Nancy Milton 1759-1849
Spouse:  Elizabeth Able 1784-1860
Marriage:  17 September 1806 Wythe, Virginia
F          Martha 1810-1889
M        William Jenkins 1814-1879
M        Presley 1815-1880
M        Thomas1817-1872
M        Charles F 1821-1894
M        Eliphas 1830-1875
M        George 1834-1880
F          Martha Ann 1839 (two Marthas?)

Captain Jessie Davis
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  4th Great Grandfather

Name:  Jessie Davis
Birth:  11 March 1756
Birthplace:  Campbell, Virginia Pre USA
Residence:  1792 Nelson County, Kentucky
Residence:  1810 Bardstown, Nelson, Kentucky
Death:  15 January 1825 Edgar, Edgar, Illinois
Father:  Isaac Davis 1756-1771
Mother:  Elizabeth Kincheloe 1726-1771
Spouse:  Nancy Milton 1759-1849
Marriage: 8 February 1780 Prince William, Virginia
F          Catherine 1768-1836
M        Presley 1781-1870
M        Wilson L 1785-1848
M        George 1785-1848
M        Cornelius 1786-1843
F          Elizabeth 1786-1823
M        Elijah 1788-1873
F          Nancy 1789-1842
M        Jesse 1792-1859
F          Harriet M 1792
M        William M 1794

Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files
Show that Jessie Davis was drafted in 1781.  He served in the Revolutionary War for seven months as a private.  His commanding officers were; Captain Wells Milner, General Sumner and Major Crawford.

Isaac Davis
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  5th Great Grandfather

Name:  Isaac Davis
Birthplace:  Prince William, Virginia Pre USA
Residence:  1767  Prince William County, Virginia
Death:  Prince William, Virginia
Father:  William Davis 1695-1756
Mother:  Ellen Bland 1709-1756
Spouse:  Elizabeth Kincheloe 1726-1771
Marriage:  1749 in Virginia
M        Cornelius 1745-1782
M        James 1750-
M        John 1753-1844
F          Jane 1755-1829
M        Captain Jessie 1756-1825
M        Isaac 1756-
F          Mary 1758
M        Travis 1760-1801
M        Warren 1762-1838
M        Henry 1768-

William Davis
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  6th Great Grandfather

Name:  William Davis
Birth:  1695
Birthplace:  Wales
Death:  28 April 1756 Prince William, Virginia
Father:  Unknown
Mother:  Unknown
Spouse:  Ellen Bland 1709-1756
M        Isaac Davis 1726-1771

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