Friday, June 2, 2017

May 17, 2017

The Williams Family Journal

Ella had a tooth extraction at 8 o'clock in the morning.
It was around 11 when we got home. Ella went to sleep until sometime after 2.
I worked on more sermons while she slept and then set my alarm for 2 and took a nap also.
Ella woke from her nap and demanded oatmeal right now! After she had eating her oatmeal, we went back to the dentist to get her new dentures. On the way home we stopped at Village Inn for Pie Rush Wednesday. We had just gotten inside the building when it started raining really hard and then about three minutes later it increased in intensity. There were trees down and limbs scattered around the campground. One large limb way across the camper just across the street from us. She was not home at the time.

Union Park United Methodist Church

We attended church at Union Park United Methodist Church. We left them a wheelchair and a walker with the understanding that it was on loan until such time as we needed it back.

May 6, 2017

We attended church at Union Park United Methodist Church. We left them a wheelchair and a walker with the understanding that it was on loan until such time as we needed it back.

Saturday 5/6/2017

 Tom worked at the fee both from 8:00 a.m.- 2 p.m. I paid our electric bill of $7.50 + 2 metre charges of $2.50 each.

Sunday he worked from 8 a.m. tho 12:30 p.m.

Ella chose to not go to church by herself.

After lunch we drove to the Johnston DQ. There was a very long line.

We went tho Four Corners Feed for wild bird feed.

Them we drove past the house where I'd growth up.

April 28, 2017 thru May 5, 2017

April 28 2017. We left Arik and Jenny's in Austin at 8 o'clock we went through Temple Texas at 9 o'clock and through Waco Texas at 10. At 10:30 we stopped in Ross Texas at Sonic to grab a sandwich and to get up and stretch your legs.

Arrived at Cutty's 3:00a.m. Saturday 29th. Cold and wet.

April 29 we went to Village Inn for breakfast. John brought the Hitchhiker to Cutty's and set it on a temporary storage site (Y12). Rain and Cold. John, Dawn, and Brandon invited us to Felix and Oscars for supper. Afterward we stopped at Wal-Mart for water house and filter.

30th we attended church UPUMC. Then rested. Rain and Cold.

May 1 the Sun came out but still cold. We went to Grimes senior center for lunch. Then to Wal-Mart to stock up on groceries. We can't get to the pantry in the Hitchhiker to get Our canned foods.later went to see brand New great grandson, Henry Arthur Roff. On the way home, we stopped at Chicago Speakeasy for prime rib.

May 2 lunch at Grimes center and lots of games.

May 3 ( pie rush Wednesday) senior center for lunch. Meet up with Tom and Sue Stone at their RV and then we all went too Village Inn for Pie and a
L-O-N-G conversation.

May 4 Started the day at the the dentist for teeth cleaning then senior center and games. Brought both recliners from Hitchhiker to the Excel.

May 5 signed in at senior center, then Tom went to doctors for sore toe. Then back to center for Lunch and games. Picked up prescription and then did laundry.
Picked up a pizza art Casey's.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wow! I really didn't realize that it had been so long since I'd posted on this blog.
Here is a very short update on the rest of 2016.
Tim had his semi annual checkup with his wonderful VA doctor as well as a follow-up with the doctor who performed the more invasive part off his heart surgery.
We dog sat with Zeus while his family was on spring break.
We also attended granddaughter's musical at school.
Attended several of Beket's football games as well as Tate's football games.
Ella had here physical before heading up to Iowa.
I had my. Last visit with my cardiologist for the year.
We said our goodbyes to family and friends and left for Iowa on May 1sr.
From May through September we had several routines in our schedule; Wednesday's we gathered at Village Inn for pie, most mornings we met at the campground cafe for coffee, Thursday evenings we were there for family style meals. There were countless cookouts and community breakfasts.  Not everything involved food ... but most of them did. I preached most Sundays from MAY day through Labor day.
Ella had Ann appointment with her doctor as soon as we we're o.k. Iowa.
I started to work in the fee booth at Cutty's campground on. the 6th.
We celebrated Mother's day at John's with nearly all off the kids.
Ella started working at the clubhouse on the 9th. but only worked a fee days after that. There was a change in what was expected off her. She would have spent some days working alone in the rental units. She couldn't have be able to work through the summer o.k. non air conditioned buildings. I didn't like the idea that, if something were too happen to her, she would have been working alone.
Around the middle off May Ella began going to a chiropractor several days a week.
On the 21st we went to a William's family reunion with some of my nieces and nephews.
O.k. the 23rd I was called for jury duty, but wasn't chosen.
We started attending the Grimes senior Center on my days off.
I started preaching again at our Sunday Worship services that go from Memorial day through Labor day.
I had a colonoscopy on the 7th.
Our section off the Resort had a block party the day before Father's day.
At the end of June, we had a head to toe treatment...literally. We saw the dentist o.k. the morning at the foot clinic in the afternoon.
Ella had a colonoscopy on the 29th.
Spent party of these 4th with family, however, I had to work.
July 23rd was Christmas in July. I dressed as Santa so kids could get their photos taken with me.
6th was the Nye family reunion.
24th was a gathering off the class of 65.
Preached the last sermon for the season on Labor day weekend.
10th we had a block party in the C section off the resort.
On the 19th we started on drive back to Texas.
On the 21st we were back at choir practice on Liberty Hill, Texas.
We got back in our Texas groove.
NOVEMBER & DECEMBER I had the delightful opportunity to wear the red suit and listen to children tell me what they wanted for Christmas.
Christmas morning I got to preach at our home church so that Pastor Steve could have the day off.