Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 May 22 Tuesday

       Yesterday I received a call from Iowa Ortho reminding me of my appointment on Wednesday.  They also ask that I bring a copy of the MRI that was done at the VA last week.   Hmmmm...that means that the VA did NOT send it to Iowa Ortho.  So, early this morning a called the VA Hospital and asked them to have the MRI ready for me to pick up.  I didn't have a good feeling about this.  The last time that I was to pick up some records from the VA, I was told that all I had to do was go to the desk and ask.  Right!  Nobody at the desk had any idea what I was talking about and had to call someone to get permission to give me a copy.  Then I had to wait while they made the copy.  SURPRISE!  This time I went to the desk and asked and they handed me the disc with the MRI.

VA Central Iowa Health Care System

From the VA, I went to the credit union to deposit my meager check.  (First one for workcamping at Cutty's this year.)

From the credit union I was headed to Valvoline for an oil change.  However, before I got very far I saw a scruffy looking little old man sitting on the sidewalk and holding out his thumb to catch a ride.  I stopped.  His name was Rex and he was on his way to Omaha to straighten out something with his social security (he said).  I said, "You're going to Omaha but where did you start from?"
"Madison Wisconsin," he said, "and I haven't eaten since I left there two days ago."  I told him that I was going to the other side of town (about six miles) for an oil change and that there was a McDonalds right near it.  I said that I'd buy him breakfast there when I left him off.  Which I did.  I also gave him the only dollar that I had on me and wished him a safe journey.
I was glad that I met Rex today.  He was Jesus for me, so that I could serve Him.

After dropping Rex off at McDonalds, I went to the Valvoline Instant Oil Change and ... well ... got the oil changed.  What did you expect?"
From there I stopped at a BP station and filled the truck with gas and got a car wash.  The only reason I go to the BP is for the discount on the touchless car wash.

Then I went home.

Ella said, "I was beginning to think you'd gotten lost."
To which I replied, "Weren't you following me on Facebook?  I've posted everywhere I've been...almost."

Don't ya love technology?

"Well," she says, "I've been thinking that we need to go to Hobby Lobby."
So we went.

I love the name, "Hobby Lobby".  I'd like to open a strip club right next door ... no! not because I'd ever go in a strip club ... but just so I could name it "Happy Lappy".  Sorry!

Ella was picking up some mats and frames.  She bought them to frame some of my prints.  We're going to donate them for the silent auction fund raiser at Cutty's.

By the time she was done shopping (I stayed in the truck) it was lunch time.  Since I could get to IHOP without leaving the parking lot, that is where we went for lunch.

I was going to show you photos of our lunch.  But it looked so good, we ate them instead.  I had the Colorado Omelet and Ella had a Spinach Omelet with hollandaise sauce.

We had one more stop before going home.  Walmart.  Ella had prescriptions ready and she NEEDED some Marigolds.  I find that funny that she said she needed them ... she doesn't even LIKE Marigolds.  The rabbits have eaten her decorative climbing beans.  The Marigolds (one of my favorite flowers) will keep the rabbits away from the beans.  For some reason garden pests just don't like the smell of the pretty little yellow and orange flowers.

After we got home, we matted and framed the prints.

John Wayne (Marion Michael Morrison)

Cat with a ball of yarn

Baby Bunnies