Saturday, November 10, 2012


Friday potluck at Shady Oaks Riverside RV Retreat

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thursday, Friday

            2012 November 08 Thursday:  We went into Burnet (pronounced Burn-it) to the H.E.B. store for some groceries.  We needed supplies for Ella to make chocolate chip cookies.  I baked a large loaf of potato bread while the oven was still hot.  The bread will be for the Shady Oaks potluck on Friday.  I may bake another loaf for Sunday because there will be a potluck after church at the Highland Lakes UMC.
            We will also be sharing the last of our homegrown tomatoes that we brought with us from Iowa.  As you can see, nearly all of them have ripened.  This is the last of several hundred tomatoes.  And I am R E A L L Y glad to see them going.

            While we were out I also purchased a couple of 12” landscape spikes.  (I should have taken a picture of them before I drove them into the ground.) When we returned home, I used the spikes to nail our awning supports to the ground.  That will make them a little more resistant to the wind.

            2012 November 09 Friday:  Today at the Men’s Coffee the subject of RV batteries came up.  One of the guys was telling about someone who let his batteries go bad and it caused his inverter to overwork and fail.  Since the batteries that we have in the Hitch Hiker are the ones I purchased at the same time as our RoadRanger 5th wheel six and a half years ago, I asked him to check my batteries with his tester.  His volt meter is more high tech than most because it will do a static reading but it will also apply a load and read it that way.  Both of the batteries tested marginal without a load and one tested bad and the other weak when a load was applied.  Looks like something else to add to our shopping list.

            We drove to WalMart in Marble Falls to pick up Ella’s prescriptions.  We went one route and came back a different way.  Partly it was to see which way was shorter.  And partly it was just to take a different route.  And partly to prove to myself that I could find my way their on a route that I hadn’t tried before!

We had some low hanging clouds this morning.  Ella comment on the fact that she had become so accustomed to the clear, bright blue skies that the clouds looked out of place.  Oh how quickly we adapt. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

            2012 November 5 Monday:  We did very little today.  We had a Bible Study at the Rec Hall in the evening.  Rev. Ron Boesiger (a returning long-term camper at Shady Oaks) is hosting a study on the letter to the Ephesians.  We will meet nearly every Monday for the next several months.  The first meeting was more of a teacher/class type situation and less the discussion group that I was hoping for.  On the flip side, to prepare for the study, I reread the letter and made copious notes that I may use for a sermon someday.

            2012 November 6 Tuesday:  Another lazy day where we did very little.  I started feeling that I was becoming way to inactive so we took a short walk around the grounds.  I took some new pictures of where our Hitch Hiker is sitting.  Don’t you just love the bright blue sky?  

            2012 November 7 Wednesday  I actually did some work around the Hitch Hiker today.  I rearranged basement storage area and cleaned the inside of the truck.  I also made a loaf of bread in the bread machine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 2-4

Homemade bread with homemade jam!

            2012 November 02 Friday   Today was a cooler day which made it a good day for baking.  I made a loaf of white bread and then made a dozen sticky cinnamon buns.  We received our absentee ballots today and got them filled out and then dropped off at the local Post Office.

            2012 November 03 Saturday   Sat around a did very little and then went for a drive and then came home and did very little.

            2012 November 04 Sunday We went to Highland Lakes United Methodist Church for Sunday school and church.  The Sunday school class had 29 people in it, including us.  We were welcomed like old friends that they hadn’t seen for a while.  It was very easy to feel at home there. 

 Then we went into the sanctuary and were surprised to find stuffed toys in the pews.  One of the ministries is the “Cuddling Zoo”.   The toys are to be held and blessed with a prayer and a smile and then will be given to someone.  It is very much like the “Prayer Shawl” ministry that our church in Des Moines has.

            We were invited to go to lunch and “The Cross” with them after church.  We rode with Gilbert and his wife to Mamacita’s Resturant in Kerrville.  After lunch we all went to “The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden” to see the Empty Cross. (pictures) We left home around 8 a.m. and returned home around 7 p.m. quite a long day.