Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6th 2010

     FRIDAY! This is Friday! The day is almost over I and finally know what day it is. For some reason this has been Saturday to me. Ever have one of those days? We even had breakfast with friends which we do on Fridays. Maybe it is because we started the day at the hospital. Ella’s mammogram was early this morning. From there we went out to breakfast.
     On our way home we dropped off the broken flat screen TV at a recyclers. Then we came home and relaxed until I went to work from 5 to 7 p.m.
     Ella vacuumed (a 10 minute job) while I was away and I remember washing a few dishes but this was totally a slacker day! I love it!

Wow!  It just occurs to me that I'll get to have Saturday all over again tomorrow!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5th

     Woke around 6 and went down to the livingroom to work on my blogs.  Fixed coffee and hot cereal and waited for Mrs Claus to wake.  Before coming down to breakfast, she stripped the sheets and mattress pad from the bed and added them to the laundry basket. This is always a good hint to me that this is laundry day.      
     Ella had received email confermation that her prescription was in at Walgreens, so I dropped her and the laundry off at the clubhouse (our favorite place to do laundry because: A. it is air-conditioned and none of the other 3 sites are; and B. because the exercise equipment is there and we can exercise while the wash is being done.) and went to pick up the prescription.  As it turns out only part of her prescription was ready because they'd run out of those pills.  However, the truck had just arrived so I waited while they unloaded and checked in the supplies.  At that point the completely filled the prescription. 
     While there I asked about one of my prescriptions that is an automatic refill and hadn't been refilled.  The doctor had refused the refill.  Now I have to contact him (he's only in on Monday's) to find out why.  I don't mind if it is because he feels I no longer need it.  But since my appointment with him has been changed/postponed several times, I want to know if it is just because he hasn't seen me for awhile. (which is his doing not mine.)
     Coming back from the pharmacy I stopped at home and worked on our shower door.  It has been neither opening nor closing all the way.  I ended up taking it completely off the stall and looking at it.  The hinge is one of those affairs where one side which is tube shaped slides into the end of the other side which is a tube with a slit in it.  It's a great concept for a shower door because it will not allow water to spray through the hinge.  However, one end of the hinge (side with slit) was bent and not closing completely over the other (tube) side.  A couple of whacks with a ballpeen hammer and it seems to be working.  A little reluctantly, but working.  I may have to find a replacement hinge.
    I am back at the clubhouse and Mrs Claus has most of the laundry done and folded and is laying on one of the exercise beds. (a flat bed that oscillates - as opposed to a vibrating bed)  It is supposed to increased circulation and relax muscles.  I don't know if it does any of those things but it does feel good.
    I have some flatiron steaks doing some dry-ageing and will fix those for our lunch this afternoon.  Both of us work this evening.
    Okay, laundry is done and I guess we're going to forgo the exercise machines and go home.
August 3rd & 4th

Tuesday 3rd

     Not too much to report on today. Worked from 8 to 2:30 then did general maintenance stuff around the North Pole, like emptying the holding tanks and so forth. After we had got settled into bed for the evening, the weather report came for possible severe thunderstorms with high winds. So, I went outside and put the awnings up. Our patio awning is 20 foot and has 4 tie down points plus 5 “rafters” that will keep it stable in winds up to 50 miles an hour. However they were talking about possible hail and winds as high as 70 miles an hour, so in they came. As it turned out all that wind went to the south of us but we did get rain after midnight.

Wednesday 4th
      The day started off with a downpour. A serious downpour! We had nearly 4 inches of rain overnight with most of it coming down between 5 and 6 a.m. Nathan brought the girls over early on his way to work. He works less than 2 miles from here and it took him nearly an hour to get there because the streets were flooded. Our 11 acre lake “backed up” over the road and into the marsh on the other side. And the marsh backed up to partially cover the street to the north of that. Not far from us a woman was trapped on top of her car with water nearly to the car roof. And that was just street flooding not a river or stream overflowing.
     I worked from 8 to 2:30 and Nathan picked the girls up around 3:30 so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them. Ella said they were a little cranky in the morning. Getting up early and going out in a downpour can do that to you. She fed them and early lunch and then put them down for a nap. They needed to get rested because they were going to the National Balloon Classic in Indianola in the evening.
     After the girls left, we went to Village Inn for an early supper (and pie) before Ella had to be a work at 5.
While she was at work, I did some more writing on a story called “Dragon Moon” which you can read at my other blog:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2

We left Adam & Leigha’s fairly early in the morning because we knew that there was some major rain between there and home. We didn’t hit the heavy rain until we were about ½ way.

We had a Facebook report that my former mother-in-law was in the hospital with double pneumonia. So when we got home, I called the ex and asked what hospital and for an update. Once we knew what was going on, I called our church’s prayer chain and added her to the list. While talking to the prayer chain coordinator I found out that one of our good friends was in the hospital with some abnormal heart rhythms. So a part of our day was visiting the hospitals.

I also replaced our flat-screen TV today. A couple of days ago we had a swarm of flies buzzing around the TV. I got the flyswatter and smacked ‘em. Didn’t kill the fly but it did kill the TV. The broken screen is half white and the rest is full of colorful lines. A TV really wasn’t in the budget but I guess we’ll just eat less this month!

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 1

Woke up about 6:30. Ate breakfast. Then took off for Tiffin to visit Adam and Leigha (and grandkids). Visited, played, ate and had an all around good time. I have the pictures to prove it. Here are the kids being bribed into playing slip and slide with a toy tape measure that they both wanted. Who knows what goes on in kids' heads?

When we arrived, Leigha asked if there was anything special we wanted to do. I said that we came to visit, not to be entertained.

Their new neighbors had set up a kid's pool and water toys in the front lawn. So Adam set up the slip and slide and kiddy pool in their front lawn. The little girl next door is just Emery's age. The kids played and the adults talked.

Adam grilled lunch and supper.