Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5th

     Woke around 6 and went down to the livingroom to work on my blogs.  Fixed coffee and hot cereal and waited for Mrs Claus to wake.  Before coming down to breakfast, she stripped the sheets and mattress pad from the bed and added them to the laundry basket. This is always a good hint to me that this is laundry day.      
     Ella had received email confermation that her prescription was in at Walgreens, so I dropped her and the laundry off at the clubhouse (our favorite place to do laundry because: A. it is air-conditioned and none of the other 3 sites are; and B. because the exercise equipment is there and we can exercise while the wash is being done.) and went to pick up the prescription.  As it turns out only part of her prescription was ready because they'd run out of those pills.  However, the truck had just arrived so I waited while they unloaded and checked in the supplies.  At that point the completely filled the prescription. 
     While there I asked about one of my prescriptions that is an automatic refill and hadn't been refilled.  The doctor had refused the refill.  Now I have to contact him (he's only in on Monday's) to find out why.  I don't mind if it is because he feels I no longer need it.  But since my appointment with him has been changed/postponed several times, I want to know if it is just because he hasn't seen me for awhile. (which is his doing not mine.)
     Coming back from the pharmacy I stopped at home and worked on our shower door.  It has been neither opening nor closing all the way.  I ended up taking it completely off the stall and looking at it.  The hinge is one of those affairs where one side which is tube shaped slides into the end of the other side which is a tube with a slit in it.  It's a great concept for a shower door because it will not allow water to spray through the hinge.  However, one end of the hinge (side with slit) was bent and not closing completely over the other (tube) side.  A couple of whacks with a ballpeen hammer and it seems to be working.  A little reluctantly, but working.  I may have to find a replacement hinge.
    I am back at the clubhouse and Mrs Claus has most of the laundry done and folded and is laying on one of the exercise beds. (a flat bed that oscillates - as opposed to a vibrating bed)  It is supposed to increased circulation and relax muscles.  I don't know if it does any of those things but it does feel good.
    I have some flatiron steaks doing some dry-ageing and will fix those for our lunch this afternoon.  Both of us work this evening.
    Okay, laundry is done and I guess we're going to forgo the exercise machines and go home.

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