Monday, August 2, 2010

August 1

Woke up about 6:30. Ate breakfast. Then took off for Tiffin to visit Adam and Leigha (and grandkids). Visited, played, ate and had an all around good time. I have the pictures to prove it. Here are the kids being bribed into playing slip and slide with a toy tape measure that they both wanted. Who knows what goes on in kids' heads?

When we arrived, Leigha asked if there was anything special we wanted to do. I said that we came to visit, not to be entertained.

Their new neighbors had set up a kid's pool and water toys in the front lawn. So Adam set up the slip and slide and kiddy pool in their front lawn. The little girl next door is just Emery's age. The kids played and the adults talked.

Adam grilled lunch and supper.

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