Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2

We left Adam & Leigha’s fairly early in the morning because we knew that there was some major rain between there and home. We didn’t hit the heavy rain until we were about ½ way.

We had a Facebook report that my former mother-in-law was in the hospital with double pneumonia. So when we got home, I called the ex and asked what hospital and for an update. Once we knew what was going on, I called our church’s prayer chain and added her to the list. While talking to the prayer chain coordinator I found out that one of our good friends was in the hospital with some abnormal heart rhythms. So a part of our day was visiting the hospitals.

I also replaced our flat-screen TV today. A couple of days ago we had a swarm of flies buzzing around the TV. I got the flyswatter and smacked ‘em. Didn’t kill the fly but it did kill the TV. The broken screen is half white and the rest is full of colorful lines. A TV really wasn’t in the budget but I guess we’ll just eat less this month!

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