Jones Family Tree

Jones Family Tree
Thomas Edward Williams
Name:  Thomas Edward Williams
Born:  23 January 1947
Birthplace:  Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, USA
Residence:  1947 Johnston (Station), Polk, Iowa, USA
Residence:  2012 Grimes / Johnston, Iowa
Military Service:  U.S. Army 1966-1968
Death:  living
Father:  Clarence Edgar (Ausley) Williams
Mother:  Mary Iola Williams
Spouse:  Becky Sue Wilson 28 February 1952
            Arik Skot Williams 2 October 1972
            Amber Beth (Williams) Pfefferkorn 21 September 1976
            Adam James Williams 21 December 1979
            Heather Renee (Williams) Oldstein 17 October 1981
Spouse:  Ella Louise Nye (Lass)  21 November 1946
Marriage:  26 December 1993
Children:  With William Lass
            Linnea Ailene (Lass) Bennett 1966
            John Lass  1970
Mary Iola Williams
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  Mother
Name:  Mary Iola Williams
Born:  31 July 1908
Birthplace:  Prescott, Adams, Iowa, USA
Residence:  1930 Beaver, Guthrie, Iowa
Residence:  ______ Council Bluffs, Iowa
Residence:  ______ Treyor, Iowa
Residence:  1950 Johnston (Station), Polk, Iowa
Death:  199
Father:  Aldo Francis Coons
Mother:  Bertha Ellen Jones
Spouse:  Clarence Edgar Ausley Williams
            Kenneth Edgar Williams 1930-1994
            Maryann (Williams)  Cook  1932-living
            Earline Elizabeth 1935-1956
            Thomas Edward Williams 1947-living
Bertha Ellen Williams
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  Grandmother (Mother’s Mother)
Name:  Bertha Ellen Jones
Birth:  9 November 1874
Birthplace:  Red Rock, Marion, Iowa, USA
Death: 26 February 1952 in Prescott, Adams, Iowa, USA
Father:  Elem S Jones 1827-1898
Mother:  Mary A Luke 1835-1930
Spouse:  Aldo Francis Coons 1867-1955
Married:  1891
            George Francis “Sham” 1893-1981
            Jessie Ray “Johnny” 1896-1971
            Earl Edward 1897-1917
            Everett Harvey “Bill” 1901-1986
            Lucinda 1903-1903
            Mary Iola 1907-1994
            Cecil May 1909-1987
            Ralph Harold “Mike” 1912-1979
            Edgar Leroy 1922-1944
Elem Jones
Relationship to Thomas Edward Williams:  Great-Grandfather (Mother’s Mother;s, Father)

Name: Elem Jones
Born: 6 February 1827
Birthplace: Hartford, Trumbull, Ohio USA
Residence in 1830 Hartford, Trumbull, Ohio
Residence in 1840
Residence in 1850
Residence in1860
Residence in 1870 Red Rock (Pella), Marion, Iowa  Carpenter
Residence in 1880 Prescott, Adams, Iowa, USA
Residence in 1885 Prescott, Adams, Iowa USA
Residence in 1895 Prescott, Adams, Iowa USA lived next door to daughter Bertha Coons
Death:  30 December 1898 Independence, Clay, Missouri, Buried in Prescott, Adams, Iowa USA
Spouse:  Mary A. Luke 1835-1930 Ohio
            John 1857 Ohio
            Caroline 1859 Ohio
            Emely 1861 Ohio
George A 1863 Born in Iowa
            Cora J 1869
            Bertha Ellen 1874-1952 Iowa
            Walter 1878
            Carly   ?

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