Friday, November 16, 2012

2012 November 16

Sticky Cinnamon Buns

November 16 Friday:  After my morning coffee with the guys, I mixed up a large batch of dough.  After Ella came back from her morning coffee with the gals, she mixed up a large batch of the sticky, pecan, cinnamon stuff.  Then we baked them.  And then the hard part ... we didn't eat any of it.  We're taking it to Cedar Park tomorrow to share with Adam and Leigha plus Tate and Emery.

Also, for some reason, photos that I thought were included in the last post didn't show up on the blog.  So, here are more pics from yesterday morning's time at Sofia's school.

November 12-15

I've posted enough photos of the finished bread.
So here is the dough before it  has risen

November 11 Saturday:
Nothing to report on Saturday other than I baked another large loaf of Potato Bread.

November 12 Sunday:  We again attended Sunday school and church at Highland Lakes UMC.  We stayed for the potluck following the service.  I brought the Potato Bread and Ella sliced somemore tomatoes.

          November 13 Monday:  Again a day of not doing much other than the Men's coffee at 7:30 and the Woman's at 9:30.
          As I was setting up my week's worth of medications, I realized that I needed to order the two meds that I purchase at WalMart.  I went on line to refill the order.  However, even though I had changed the address of "My WalMart" from Grimes Iowa to Marble Falls Texas, when I received the confermation email it said that I would be able to pick the prescriptions in Grimes.  I then called the pharmacy in Grimes and told them to NOT fill the order.  Then I called the pharmacy at Marble Falls and placed the order.  Seconds later I received confermation that my order was ready for pickup at Marble Falls.  Yeah!  About an hour later I received an email from Grimes that my order would not be ready as scheduled and that I would receive a followup email when it was ready.  Oh, well, I'm not driving back to Iowa for the two prescriptions ... and I assume that sooner or later someone will figure that out.

Waiting to see the play
Bekket hiding
           November 14 Tuesday:   We drove into Marble Falls to pick up the RX and groceries at WalMart.  That was the extent of our adventures for Tuesday.

           November 15 Friday:  We went into Cedar Park to attend Sofia’s Thanksgiving play at school.  We also got to attend the Book Fair and then stayed for lunch at her school.  Arik and Jenny both had the day off from work so they kept Bekket home also.  Then after the lunch, Sofia was able to go home also.  We stayed at Arik and Jenny’s for just a little bit to visit.
From Shady River RV Resorts' website
           After leaving the kids’ we drove to Shady River RV Resort inGeorgetown, TX.  The resort appears to be very peaceful and is located in a pecan grove along the San Gabriel River.   The sites cost $400.00 per month with the 3rd month free.  So, 5 or 6 months would cost $160.00 because we’d be paying for 4 months.  
           From there we drove to a Georgetown Lake Corp of Engineers Park.  We were told that maximum stay is 14 days unless you are granted an extension.  Then it is possible to stay a maximum of 120 days.  We will have to go the Corp of Engineers website to establish prices etc.
This is from the Sunny Hill RV Park website
          We also drove through a RV park in Liberty Hills it was so shoddy looking that we didn’t bother to get any information.  Last week when we were out, we had looked at Sunny Hill RV Park in Liberty Hill.  It wasn't to our liking but it was interesting in that some of the sites were partialy or completely under the cover or corrigated tin awnings/shelters.  I'd never seen that done before.