Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 February 03

I've missed a few days of blogging.  I'll try to get caught up again.  January 28th was the last time that I posted here so .... that means 29, 30, 31, 01 and 02... Let's go.

January 29th was on a Sunday.  So that means Sunday school and church in the morning until about noon.  Ella worked that morning.  When I arrived at Sunday school, I learned that the grandson of some friends of ours had committed suicide. He was in ninth grade, a good student and athlete.  Apparently nobody was aware of any problems that he was going through.  I don't know if he left a note or whether anyone knows why he may have done this.

January 30th was a Monday.  We were in Ankeny by 6:30 a.m. so that we could be at our grandson's when his ex brought the great granddaughters over between 7 and 7:30. Took Charlotte to school and watched Lorelia until we took her to preschool.  Her Aunt Audrie was supposed to be home in time to take her to preschool but had to work later, so we took her.  We did some shopping ... and that's all I remember of Monday other than the fact that we set a new record high temperature of 68 degrees.

January 31st was Tuesday ... I was also sure that it was February 1st all day.  We watched the greats again from the time their mother dropped them off at Nathan's until they went to school and preschool.  Audrie came home on time but was sick so she went to bed and we took Lorelia to preschool again.

February 1st was Wednesday.  Again we watched the greats from the time they awoke until Charlotte went to school.  It was a late start day for Charlotte so we were able to spend more time with her in the morning.  
Beth was going to the doctors instead of school so she had time to take Charlotte to school.  That meant that I was able to get to the Men's Bible Study on Wednesday.
After Bible Study I returned to Nathan and Beth's and played with Lorelia until Aunt Audrie got there just before noon.
Ella and I went to Village Inn for lunch and then on to church.  We will be assisting with the Wednesday after-school program "Accidental Angels" for the next couple of weeks.  This is a group of middle school girls who have read the book "Heaven Is For Real!"  We are doing a discussion group on the book with the help of a DVD.
A supper is served every Wednesday at the end of the program.  Many of the parents come and eat with the kids before taking them home.  We also stayed and ate with them.  We arrived home some time after six p.m.

February 2nd  Thursday.  We went to the campground office and paid our rent and for the LP we bought.  We'll have to return later and pay our electric bill, because they had not gotten their bill from the power company yet.  It was another beautifully warm day and according to the forecast, it was going to be the last of those for a while.  Because it was so nice we took a drive up around Big Creek and Saylorville parks.
I did the usual Bible Study with the folks at Emeritus and then came home and worked on a sermon for the 19th of February.

February 3rd Friday is just beginning and all I've done so far is fix breakfast and update the blog.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Potato Bacon Chowder

 Yukon Gold potatoes.  Once I started cubing them, I put the two smaller taters back.  I like a little carrot in with my chowder


UMMMM! Bacon crisp.

A little salt and pepper and saute in a little bacon fat

Stir in a couple tablespoons of flour and then add milk.  
Just before serving, add a couple generous glops of sour cream.

Topped with some veggie straws for crunch.