Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothin' Much and then Nappin'

2013 February 12
135/80bp, 67 pulse, 123bs
The Whole World Has Gone Grey

        A little rain shower passed through before 7 this morning.  I guess that was the “40% chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning.”  It has turned into mostly sunny this afternoon.

        After doing the usual things this morning, I sat down and started a new blog, “Tom and Ella’s Photography”.  You can visit it directly by going to www.tomandellasphotography.blogspot.com or you can click on the tab on this blog’s homepage that reads “photography”.  This is just a way to share some of our photos with more folks.  I plan to create a blog to showcase some of my artwork and doodles also.  And if you haven’t already found it the tab on the front page marked “Recipes” will take you to our website for our own concoctions.

        After yesterday’s four hours of drive time coupled with the ‘sit and wait’ time at the VA … (I’m not ranting today … you can read both of yesterday’s posts for that) … today we’re just sittin’ with our feet up and readin’, watchin’ TV and spending quality time with the laptop.

        As a way of paying homage to our day of rest, lunch was a simple tomato soup and sandwich.  I spent minutes slaving over a hot microwave to prepare it.  And now I’m thinkin’ of crawlin’ into the recliner and napping the afternoon away.

        I’ll get this posted and if anything exciting happens before bed time (not to be confused with nap time) I’ll add an update.