Thursday, December 2, 2010


My absence from writing here has got me to thinking about words.  I'm a
consumer of words.  I love words!  Some of my favorite reading
material is the unabridged dictionary.  Marvelous things lay hidden in
dictionaries.  (Did you know that one of the definitions of
"girl" is a young person of either sex?)

I love word games. Aisle of View / I love you. Lettuce spray / Let us pray.

I read.  I ingest words.  Words fill me.

So, why do I have such trouble writing?  I seem to have a literary bowel blockage.

Words create images in my mind.  I absorb images and create images with my hands.  I want to create images with my words.

I want my blog to be less, “Cold today.  High in the 30’s.  Exercised.” And more, “Gray the sky and brush painted with swatches of cold sunlight that forms a backdrop to skeletal trees devoid of birds and beasts.”