Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 February 07 Thursday

2013 February 07 Thursday
No visible sun and sunrise today ... and a little mist in the air.
I hope it turns to rain, we need it.

          I had posted several days ago that one our friends here at Shady Oaks had told the Men's Morning Coffee Group that his wife had just been diagnosed with cancer.  Yesterday he took her to a hospital appointment in Temple Texas.  They drained several quarts of fluid from her abdominal cavity in preparation for doing a biopsy.  She is feeling much better now that the pressure has been relieved.

          I had also posted that we had received notification that one of our friends back in Iowa had passed away.  When we received our Weekly Update from our church back home, two more long time members of the church had also died.  If heard it said that, "These things come in threes."  I'm hoping that it STOPS with three.

          Ella fixed skinless, boneless chicken thighs in a broccoli cheese sauce and rice for lunch.  We had some of the sauce left over and will probably have it on baked potatoes later this week.

          This morning I finished my project of making insulated sun-blocking window covers for the Hitch Hiker.  I even have a few scraps left over of both insulation and Velcro tape.  

          I'm considering making sun-blocking wheel covers for the HH.  I'm told that sun damage is one of the leading causes of tire failure in RVs.  I had been researching tire covers because they come in both black and white.  People with white wheel covers claim that the white reflects the heat while blocking the UV rays of the sun.  Whereas the folks with black wheel covers claim that the black blocks ALL UV rays and that the extra heat caused by the added absorption of the black covers will not damage the tires.  I'm thinking that the Refletix insulation would reflect both the UV and the heat.  Looks like a project for another day.

82 degrees today and sunny.  So different than it started.  We actually had the air conditioner on for a while today
          Pancakes for supper and maybe popcorn later. Okay, this is starting to sound lame even to me.  There’ll be more to report tomorrow as I have a doctor’s appointment in the early afternoon and there will be a potluck at Shady Oaks in the evening.  So … Later!