Comment Box Verification Words and Their Definitions

Okay, an explanation may be needed here.
I visit a lot of blogs.  And I like to comment on the blog content.
After entering a comment in the box, I'm often asked to prove that I am a person and not a spamming machine.  To separate real people from software, I am asked to type the characters that are seen in a distorted word block.  The "words" are random letters.  I have noticed that often the random letters make me giggle at what I imagine their meaning to be.
Giggling is an activity better shared and so, I present the following:

Unherfuz (un-her-fuz)
-verb: unherfuz, unherfuzed, unherfuzing
is a feminine synonym for “shave”.
To remove hair with a razor
-example: Kathy will be late for her date because she has to unherfuz her back.
-related: also see herfuz

Fulavet (ful-a-vet)
-noun: having reached maximum occupancy of a location by veterans of foreign wars (may include foreign policing actions and multi-national intrusions) 
-example: That new bar on the strip is fullavet.

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