Saturday, October 6, 2012

What a birthday party

Last night was Kip Shannon's 104th birthday party.  What a remarkable woman.  Wouldn't you like to know all the sights that she has seen and all the events that have taken place in her lifetime?  This amazing woman has been coming down from Perry, Iowa to Johnston every other Wednesday to have free pie at Village Inn with us.  Well, last night we, along with a couple hundred of her other friends and relatives, were at Lake Robbins Ballroom to celebrate her birthday.  Lake Robbins is a special part of Kip's life.  When the ballroom opened in October of 1931, Kip was there to dance.  The next night she went back and worked at the ballroom.  And she has worked at the ballroom every time that it has been open for 81 years!  Hopefully she will have set a new world's record this year.  We'll see what the people at Ginnes Book of World Records has to say.
Kip visiting with one of the 'kids' that she knows.

The following video is kind of 'grainy' due to the low light and zoom, but you can see the people enjoying themselves at 
Kip's party.