Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4

September 3

September 3
53 degrees at 6:00 this morning! You just gotta love the Midwest, IF YOU'RE A METEOROLOGIST!

Now to backdate for a little to Sept. 2. Ella's biopsy went okay. They removed all of the spots with a needle. They had trouble reaching some of them, so it took a little longer than expected. When she got home she slept quite a bit.

I got to work just an hour late yesterday. Boy was I ever busy!!! Everybody decided that yesterday was THE day to go camping. I was home last night before I realized that I hadn't eaten any supper. I didn't even have time to finish my Dr Pepper.

Now, back to today. We got to Nate's at about 6:30 and started getting the girls around.  Rori was excited that Poppa was here today.  Charlotte did not want to get up and get ready for school.  Great-grandma tried coaxing her, tried distracting her, tried everything.  I told her to get dressed and I don't tell her twice.  She got dressed and ate breakfast and was good to go. 
We got her to school and as she's getting out of the truck she asks where her backpack is.  She'd left it at home.  Her teacher said for us not to go get it and bring it back as it would disrupt the class.
After dropping Charlotte at school, we took Rori to breakfast with us.  The 'breakfast gang' was glad to see her.  It had been a while since she/they had been to breakfast with us.
After breakfast we went back to Nate's and spent the day there until time to pick Charlotte up from school.  The teacher said that everything went downhill from the backpack on.  It was a very emotional day for Charlotte.
We brought the girls out to our place and took them to the store for ice cream.  Rori went to sleep on the way and slept most of the way through the ice cream (Charlotte and I ate most of Rori's before she woke up enough to eat --- Hey! it was going to melt!)
By the time we got them back to our place, it was time for me to go to work.  Daddy picked the girls up at about 6:00.

Update. Ella got a call from the doctors and everything is okay with the biopsy, all benign.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 1 & 2

September 1 - Wednesday (pie day)

Pie had to wait until Ella was off work at 8. She got up at 5:30 so she could be at Nathan’s by 6:30 and take Charlotte to school. She babysat with Rori all day and then picked Charlotte up from school in the afternoon. I had to be at work at 8 a.m. so I didn’t get to see the ‘greats’ today. Ella said that Rori kept asking, “Where’s Poppa?” (that’s me) all day long. Charlotte used to call me Poppy and Rori called me Bampa. However, they’ve both settled on Poppa now.
Watching the rain approach number 1
Watching the rain approach number 2

It rained (1 ½”) in the early morning and then mostly cleared off for the rest of the day. I had the AC off and the windows open at the fee booth until Mike got there about 1:30. By then the humidity had started to rise again.

It was a fairly slow day at work. I’d expected people to start pouring in for the holiday weekend – but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Speaking of tomorrow, Mike is going to cover the first part of my shift while I go with Ella for her biopsy. The good news is: by going in tomorrow, she’ll have the results by Friday. If she went in on Friday, she wouldn’t have the results until next Tuesday.

- - -

September 2.

Wow! What a windy night! Really shook the ol’ 5th wheel around. According to Weather Bug, we had gusts up to 42mph. I got up at around 3:30 and went out to gather our patio furniture from where it had been blown. So far this morning (10:15) the sky is clear blue and the wind is from the south around 10mph.

We’ve eaten breakfast and I went to the store for milk, bread, eggs and fruit. Now we’re just waiting for time to go to the doctor.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aug 30 & 31

Aug 30

Monday was a nice day that turned a little hot before cooling off slightly at sunset.

The first thing we did today was to pick up Ella’s paycheck at the office.

Then we gathered up Annika about 9 A.M. and took her to IHOP for a going away breakfast. We will not be able to be there when she goes to the airport tomorrow.

We spent several hours sitting and talking while at the IHOP. Afterwards we went for a drive around the area (stopping to deposit the check) and then up to Saylorville Visitor’s Center (which was closed for repairs/remodeling). Another long sit down talk while at the dam site (not damn sight).

We got Annika back to Nathan’s around 12:30 or so. Audrie was sleeping on the couch. She wasn’t feeling well. Well, to be more precise, she was feeling in pain. Her spine and hips are out of alignment and she’s going through a series of adjustments with a chiropractor.

After leaving the girls (er…women), we went to Ryan’s for lunch. With our senior discount and the free drinks the tab came to $10.58. I’ll have to add them to our list of places for cheap eats.

While we were driving, Ella finally got a hold of her doctor about her mammogram results. Several weeks ago Ella made a doctor’s appointment because she was noticing some changes in her left breast (the one where she had had the lumpectomy). The doctor set her up with a mammogram. Sometime afterward she received a letter advising her to set up an appointment for an ultrasound. She did. After the ultrasound she received another letter saying that further procedures were advised. Of course this has been weighing heavy on her (and me). So, today she finally had a chance to ask the doctor what was going on. She was told that they want to do a biopsy to be sure. However, they think it is just calcification in the breast. So this Thursday Ella will have another biopsy done.

When we got home from Ryan’s we changed clothes and then rested for a short time before going to Perry for Lucille’s visitation. We spent some time there visiting with the family and friends.

Then we had to hurry home so that Ella could go to work. She was scheduled to work from 5 to 9. However, she had asked Lisa to cover for her until she could get there. Which she did about 6.

After dropping Ella off at the clubhouse, I came home to do some posting. However, I received a security alert that my computer was being attacked by some spyware. So I spent the evening running scans, downloading updated security software and scanning again. Ella was actually home by the time the last scan was done.

- - -

Aug 31

Early morning thunder loudly announced the arrival of rain. I worked from 8 to 2:30. Ella works from 5 to 9. So I’m spending the time working on my blogs (this one and the one with the story I’m writing.)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aug 29

Our day started with breakfast at the clubhouse.  Pancakes and sausage for me and French toast and sausage for Ella.  I really enjoy these community breakfasts when we get a chance to visit with friends and meet new people (and eat!).  It's sad to think that there are only two of these events left this year.  Next Saturday we'll have "eggs to order" and then Sunday it will be pancakes and French toast again.  Jesus said that his father's house had many rooms.  I'm sure one of them is set up for communal meals.
- - -
When we got to church this morning, we found our pastor walking with a crutch.  He had twisted his left ankle and shifted his weight to his right leg.  In the process, he tore a ligament in his right leg.  So his sermon for the day was delivered from a folding chair.  We had a special presentation from and for our Wednesday After School Program (UP Kids).  We also had special music from one of our members playing harmonicas.  Children's Bibles were presented to all the UP Kids.  Three of the kids who have been UP Kids members are now going to middle school and are too old for the program.  So, we are starting a middle school version of UP Kids.  These three received a Teenager's Study Bible.
- - -
I was going to work on finishing the caulking project today.  But I took  a nap after dinner and will be going to work in about 45 minutes.  Maybe tomorrow.
- - -
Speaking of tomorrow, we are planning to pick Annika and take her to IHOP as a going away meal. 
Also, tomorrow evening is the visitation for Lynn's mother.
We'll be starting the day with a leaving and ending it with a leaving.  Sure to be an emotional day.