Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 1 & 2

September 1 - Wednesday (pie day)

Pie had to wait until Ella was off work at 8. She got up at 5:30 so she could be at Nathan’s by 6:30 and take Charlotte to school. She babysat with Rori all day and then picked Charlotte up from school in the afternoon. I had to be at work at 8 a.m. so I didn’t get to see the ‘greats’ today. Ella said that Rori kept asking, “Where’s Poppa?” (that’s me) all day long. Charlotte used to call me Poppy and Rori called me Bampa. However, they’ve both settled on Poppa now.
Watching the rain approach number 1
Watching the rain approach number 2

It rained (1 ½”) in the early morning and then mostly cleared off for the rest of the day. I had the AC off and the windows open at the fee booth until Mike got there about 1:30. By then the humidity had started to rise again.

It was a fairly slow day at work. I’d expected people to start pouring in for the holiday weekend – but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Speaking of tomorrow, Mike is going to cover the first part of my shift while I go with Ella for her biopsy. The good news is: by going in tomorrow, she’ll have the results by Friday. If she went in on Friday, she wouldn’t have the results until next Tuesday.

- - -

September 2.

Wow! What a windy night! Really shook the ol’ 5th wheel around. According to Weather Bug, we had gusts up to 42mph. I got up at around 3:30 and went out to gather our patio furniture from where it had been blown. So far this morning (10:15) the sky is clear blue and the wind is from the south around 10mph.

We’ve eaten breakfast and I went to the store for milk, bread, eggs and fruit. Now we’re just waiting for time to go to the doctor.

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