Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4

caulk mostly cured and clear.
Saturday and we helped with "eggs to order" breakfast at the clubhouse.  Yum! I love the sausage here.  After breakfast I went to Home Depot to purchase some metal screws.  Sometime back, I had posted about having trouble with the shower door hinge.  Well, I gave up an just completely separated the old hinge and added two new ones.  That's what the screws were for.  I also did some more caulking on the dog house (not a dog house for a dog . . . just what the storage under the front of the 5th wheel is called).  I'm pleased to announce that the silicone caulk that goes on white, does dry clear (or almost clear). see photo
I have the cordless drill charging because I have few things to do with it later.
Ella works 'til 3 and we'll have to find something to do with this beautiful day!  It's sunny, very slight breeze and going for a high in the lower 70's!  Forecast for Sunday is 82 and sunny and for Monday is 84 and sunny. The over night lows are to be in the mid 50's.  Last night it got down to 47 degrees. We may just go fishing in our lake.

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  1. I went fishing for just a little bit. I realized that there were people fishing all around the lake and no one was catching anything. Since I don't concede myself to be a far superior fisher person, I took the hint and packed it in.


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