Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 May 29 photos from the last few days

Getting Memorial Day Breakfast ready at Cutty's: eggs to order, toast, hashbrowns, sausage or ham, juice, milk and coffee for $3.00

Eating breakfast

Memorial Day Weekend Activities Schedule

Considering that I'm this much taller than the door, it's a wonder that I seldom bump my head on it.

Iowa Ortho where I learned that I have a torn meniscus which will need surgery...once the VA approves.

I'm really excited about great granddaughter Charlotte tieing me up with the rope she crocheted.

Some of the preparation for Memorial Day at Cutty's

Jim caught  "Walter" and released him back into the lake for someone else to catch.

I'd post more, however blogger is running very slowly.  Don't know if it is my connection,  browser, or something running in the background on the computer.  Later.

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