Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 January 13 - Friday the 13th

     Ella had her dentist appointment yesterday.  They pulled a molar and fixed several cavities.  She still has another cavity to fix at a later date.  She says that her tongue feels better now that it is not running over the edges of a broken tooth.

     Well the dusting of snow from yesterday is still here and there were scattered flakes in the air earlier today.  The sun is coming out now but the predicted high is only twenty-three.  Sunday it is supposed to return to the forties.  I'm just glad that the wind has eased up again.

    When we came home from the dentist yesterday, a section of our insulation skirting had blown loose.  I couldn't get duct tape to stick (due to the cold) so I jammed it into place and pushed a picnic table against it.  I hope it holds until the temps warm up enough to use the tape.
    I had the Bible study at Emeritus yesterday.  I had picked up some study material at Iowa Religious Resources on Psalms.  I thought that it might work with Alzheimer and dementia patients.  When I got it home and had a chance to examine it, I realized that it goes way too deep for my group to handle.  So, we prayed, sang some songs and read the twenty-third psalm.  I then did a brief line by line message on the psalm and then we sang some more hymns.  I think that this is going to be the pattern that works best.  They seem to enjoy the music even if only a few of them sing along.

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