Friday, April 30, 2010

We're spending the day at Nate's and watching Lorelai. Tonight and tomorrow we'll be working at Lake Robbins ballroom. After the wind yesterday and the rain today, it'll be nice to have some sunshine tomorrow. More of our friends are moving back for the summer and we've been spending time getting reacquainted. Including going to Village Inn for free pie twice this past Wednesday. Okay, I AM trying to lose weight . . . but come on! FREE PIE! My colonoscopy that was originally scheduled for March 17th was changed to May 5th (one day after my one-year anniversary of the heart attack). The doctor that was going to do the procedure in March was allowing me to continue taking my plavix and daily aspirin. However since it was rescheduled, a new doctor was assigned to do the surgery. The new doctor was unaware that I was still on these meds. He will not proceed until I've been off the meds for at least a week. This all means that my colonoscopy has been re-rescheduled for June 30th. Ella's colonoscopy is scheduled for May 18th. So, It'll be "bottoms up" for both of us in the coming months. --------------- On an entirely different note: I will be preaching on May 16th while our pastor is attending his granddaughter, Lorelei's, baptism. So, if you're in Des Moines on that Sunday, stop by Union Park UMC on the corner of East 12th & Guthrie Avenue (10:30).

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