Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 January 18

That moment just before the sunrise
Then that blazing glory bursts forth!
starting the day with a trip to the dentist (for Ella) ... what fun!
Then a stop at Dollar Tree to pick up stocking stuffers ... yes, Ella is planning for 2012
Now a stop at Village Inn for lunch ... trying the new menu item ...
and of course, FREE PIE

Sorry, not a very good photo, but it does taste good.
The rice pilaf was just the right texture and
the black beans made a complimentary side for the dish.
The chicken fried steak was noting special ... j
ust what you would get if you'd ordered it with sausage gravy.
The topping of sliced peppers was warm and still crisp with
melted cheese and strips of fried tortilla chips

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