Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 February 21

A Typical Day

“The time is five forty-five, the temperature is twenty-seven with a predicted high of forty-five,” thus saith the talking alarm.  I was awake but not quick enough to miss hearing the high pitched beeps that follow the spoken alarm.  I swing my legs off the bed and pull myself to a seated position.  Grabbing the smart phone I fumble to tap the little icon that disables the alarm.  Unfortunately when picking the phone from the shelf, my thumb chose the ‘snooze’ without regard to my wants.
In the mean time, Ella is having her battle with her alarm which is now playing a tune sung by clucking chickens.  (and NO! it isn't as funny as it sounds like it should be!)
The next task to accomplish is perhaps the most difficult physical activity of my day, putting on my socks.  I no longer have the flexibility to either bend my back or comfortably bend my legs, so now my feet remain just slightly out of reach.  Over the years I have developed a system where I lay back on the bed and bring one leg up in a half lotus position.  (Opps! Missed and hit the snooze button again!) Once I have my leg on the bed, I force myself back to a seated position.  From here I can start the sock over foot.  Once I’ve repeated the process with the other foot, I can continue to get dressed.
Now, dressed and toilet functions cared for, I start breakfast.  Coffee comes first, of course.  Two slices of oat nut bread are dropped down in the toaster. (Yes! Finally!  Canceled the alarm!)  Two slices of thick cut maple cured bacon are microwaved to nice and crisp.
By now Ella is up and dressed so it is time to prepare two eggs over easy.  Once seated, we hold hands and say a blessing on the food and the day, then we pray for our family and friends.  We eat and take our morning meds, which is almost a second meal.  Soon it is time to leave.
Traffic is light on the interstate as we make our way into the city around six-fifteen.  Other than tractor/trailers full of livestock and a few people who should have been at work at six we are nearly alone until we get to our exit in Des Moines.  
We don’t actually go INTO Des Moines and instead head north to Ankeny and our grandson’s townhouse.  We’re on our way to babysit with the great granddaughters.  
We enjoy them so much!  Since the great granddaughters are in the same age group as our younger seven grandkids, we can imagine that they are all doing similar things. Sort of grandkids by proxy.
Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we watch at  least the youngest of the greats until about noon.  Wednesdays we go from Ankeny to Des Moines where we help with our church's after school program.  The program ends at five with a family meal that includes the kids as well as their parents who come to pick them up.

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