Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012 July 05

            It was a pretty laid back 4th for us.  We actually celebrated Independence Day on Saturday, June 30th.  That was when all the activities and fireworks were at the resort.  On the 4th there were things like three-legged races, pie eating contest and watermelon feed.  Both of us worked on the 4th.  I worked 8 to 4:30 and Ella worked 5 to 8.  There was not much traffic at the gate for me.  Ella had a slow day also as no activities were scheduled at the Club House so it was mostly people coming in to swim in the indoor pool.  With the temperature hovering around one hundred, I would not have wanted to use the outdoor pools, but evidently I’m in the minority.  Only one new RV showed up while I was working.  Most of the activity was guests of campers coming in and needing directions to their site.  Being Wednesday, we went to Village Inn for free pie after Ella was off work.
            Today we took the new pots and pans set over to the Hitch Hiker and then went into town to Verizon.  We had gone slightly over the data on our air card this month and I wanted to see if a new plan would be better for us.  Our son-in-law works there and he agreed with our salesman that the plan we have for our phones is the best for us.  We did upgrade the data usage on the air card from 5G to 10G.  This past winter we hardly used the air card because we could use Cutty’s WiFi.  However, since the beginning of the camping season the signal strength has been to poor for us to use at our site.  I don’t know if it is because there are more RVs between us and the antenna, more people using the system or some other reason, but I miss using THEIR nickel instead of mine.
            While we were out, we also stopped at WalMart to get a phone charger cord for Ella’s phone.  Verizon had one but it was only about six inches long.  WalMart had a three foot cord.  Ella also purchased a couple of matching t-shirts for the great granddaughters.
            The plan is to stay inside with the air conditioning today and rest until this evening when we will be going to a visitation for our grandkids’ other grandmother.  She died a couple of days ago.  The funeral is tomorrow.  However, I will be having my knee surgery in the morning, so we will not be attempting to attend the funeral.

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