Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 July 9 Monday

Another sketch on my phone, using the new stylus which has a much finer point than my finger.

            I awoke a little before five this morning.  I was rested so I got up.  It was actually cool out for the first time in weeks and weeks.  I made coffee and then sat down to work on next Sunday’s sermon.  I had read through the scripture passages last Saturday.  I normally wouldn’t look at them until after the sermon on Sunday.  I find that it confuses the current sermon if I’m working on the next already.  However, I didn’t preach this last Sunday so I didn’t need to worry about getting the sermons tangled.
            About six thirty I fixed breakfast: one egg, one strip of bacon (crisp) and some hash browns.  Oh, and the coffee.  It was nice outside so that’s where I went with the breakfast.  After breakfast, I went back in and grabbed the laptop to take back out to the patio.  I sat there and worked some more on the sermon until about seven thirty. 
            I woke Ella enough to tell her that I was going to go after milk, eggs, bread and groceries, and ask if she wanted to go with me or sleep.  She chose sleep.  I needed gasoline as well as some fresh fruits so I chose to go to Sam’s Club.  Normally I wouldn’t buy fruits and vegetables at Sam’s because we can’t eat those quantities fast enough to keep them from spoiling.  However, since my son Adam gave me a juicer, I can run them through that thing fairly quickly.  I’m only juicing for one meal a day at this point.  We have a freezer (very small RV freezer) full of meat that we need to eat before we go for a week on just juice and grains. 
            I think I’ll make some split pea soup and add the pulp from a couple of carrots that I’ll run through the juicer.  That way, I’ll have the juice and still be able to add extra flavor and fiber to the soup.
            After returning from Sam’s I decided to clean and vacuum the inside of the truck.  It was sadly overdue for a good cleaning.  If I have time before I go to work at two thirty today, I’ll run the truck through a carwash.
            Right now, I’m sitting in the recliner and have my legs elevated.  I also have an ice pack on my knee.  Since the surgery on Thursday, I’m getting around pretty well.  I think I over did it a little yesterday though because I could barely walk by the time I got off work at nine last night.  I don’t want to baby this knee too much but I’m not sure where the line between ‘enough’ and ‘too much’ exercise belongs.
            That’s all for now.

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