Monday, September 20, 2010

September 19 & 20th

Sunday was unusual for us.  Ella worked in the morning so we did not go to Sunday School and church. (we did go to the Saturday evening praise service).  But it has been so long since we missed a Sunday at church that it felt wrong all day.  Forgetting the sabath, I worked around the trailer.  I purchased some plexiglass and crafted a stormdoor over our screendoor.  Now when we have sunshine on a chilly day, I can open the outside door and let the sun in. 
That was the plan anyway.  Yesterday was overcast and rainy.  This morning we are blanketed in heavy fog.  Speaking of rain.  They announced on the news the other night that this has been the 5th rainiest year on record.  Now considering that we have 3 more months till the end of the year, we may move up in the rankings.  This on top of last winter being a record breaker for snow.  I'd like break a record for the most 'great days' all in a row!

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