Thursday, October 14, 2010

That which was lost has been found!

I lost my aircard!
that makes it very hard to get online.
I found it.
now I'll try to get caught up on blogging.
Let's see . . . since my last blog entry . . .
I have the North Pole mostly ready for the cold weather.  Insulation around the base of the trailer, heaters installed and ready beneath us, heaters ready inside, lots of LP gas on hand, storm door installed, freshwater tank is full, and five of the windows have outdoor heat-shrink plastic on them (I'll do indoor plastic film on the rest when we've run out of 'good' weather. We've moved cold-weather stuff FROM storage and warm-weather stuff TO storage.
Ella's hours have dropped down to about 8 hours a week - which is normal for this time of the year.
We attended Brandon's first Show Choir concert for the year.  It makes me feel old to see all the energy these kids bring to their performances.
I have several bookings in December to put on the red suit and let kids (and a few adults) sit on my lap.  I'll be working the Jolly Holiday Lights event a couple of times and at Salsbury House (while seated in a 1939 Packard) on the 22nd and 23rd.  I will, most likely, also be at Lake Robbins on the 18th. And, of course, I'll be flying around the world on the 24th, as usual.
Today - Thursday, October 14th is a beautiful Fall day with bright sunshine and trees dressed in reds and golds (those trees that aren't already naked of leaves anyway).  The gusty breeze makes it a better day to see from the inside though.
Saturday, Ella and I are acting as ushers at a funeral for a friend of ours.  He passed away at 75 years of age.  At our stage of life we need to keep making new friends faster than we lose 'em.

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