Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011

            I have nothing to say.  Therefore you may ask, “Why are you typing this stuff?”
I’m glad that you ask.  Mostly, I just hate to see a blank sheet of paper (or it’s digital equivalent).  It’s true!  Ask anyone who knows me.  They will tell you that if you place a blank sheet of paper, a sheet of printed material with wide enough margins or even a clean white Styrofoam cup; I WILL doodle on it!  Nature abhors a vacuum and I abhor a blank space.
            Until someone designs hardware and software that lets me doodle directly on the blog, I’ll just have to keep typing these random useless thoughts!  I mean, look at how much I’ve typed after admitting that I had nothing to say!  Stream-of-conciseness don’t fail me now!
     I was up at five-thirty this morning.  Had to be at grandson N's home by six-thirty to watch the girls.  I dropped Ella off and then went on into Des Moines for Bible study. 
     Our men's Bible study this morning was interesting. We watched a little of the movie "Hook". Then we discussed how people prioritize their schedules. 
     After Bible study, I returned to N's to help watch L who always makes me smile.  I know that you may think I'm prejudiced just because she's my great-granddaughter, but you'd be wrong.  She is one extremely bright three year old who has the vocabulary and voice inflections of an adult.  I raise four genius level kids of my own, so I DO know what I'm talking about here.  Her older sister is no slough either. (Okay, so I may be a LITTLE prejudiced)

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