Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thinking of a dream

August 30, 2011

            I awoke much later than usual today, around 7:30.  I was having a strange dream.  I was at my mother’s house, or rather in the front yard of the property.  Someone had an antique pickup parked on the north lawn. 
            I should explain that it was acreage and the house and other buildings were set back four or five hundred feet from the street.  The driveway bisected this front portion neatly in half. 
            At any rate, there was this black pickup sitting on the lawn with a huge engine jack astraddle of the front end.  It appeared that the only thing the engine jack was doing was holding the hood open.  Several people were working on the truck’s engine.
            I noticed that there were some small limbs, about the diameter of my finger and around a yard long, scattered about the lawn.  As I was picking up these sticks, I noticed a slightly larger branch under the box-elder tree on the south lawn.  I intended to toss the sticks in my hand onto the larger branch with the idea of taking care of both of them at a later time.
            As I threw the sticks toward the branch, I realized that I hadn’t thrown them high enough to clear the much larger branch that lie in the driveway.  I though it strange that I hadn’t noticed it when I saw the smaller tree limb.  So now I drag the larger branch from the driveway to the other branch on the south lawn.  That is when I noticed the tree down across the street and blocking the drive.
            At this point I awoke with that “foggy” feeling in my mind that happens when you are still partially in the dream and partially awake.  Now I am sitting here wondering why I was dreaming of fallen branches.  Perhaps it is because I’ve been watching videos of the damage caused by hurricane Irene on the upper east coast. 
            Dreams are such a mystery.  I know that some people claim that they are symbolic of things happening in real life.  Man! I hope not.  I’ve had some very disturbing dreams.  Then there are those who receive messages from God in their dreams.  I do not discount those although I can’t say that I’ve experienced them.
            Actually, my dreams are seldom in story form.  Generally, my dreams are more a series of images more akin to photographs than videos.
            How about you?  When you dream, are they stories?  Do you dream in color?  What is your most reoccurring dream?

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