Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19 2011

            Up early this morning and off to the grandson’s to watch the ‘greats’ before they were off to school.  C. was in a pleasant mood this morning.  She was concerned when she got to school and remembered that her ‘silver shoes’ were still at her dad’s house.  Since mom’s boyfriend was picking her up from school and taking her to their place, she would not be able to get her shoes.  She was afraid that mom would “freak out” about the shoes.  I told her that great-grandma Ella would bring them back to her.  Ella did not take the shoes to the school but put them in C’s little sister, L’s, backpack.  I hope that C. doesn’t obsess about them all day.
            We had L. for about 5 hours before taking her to preschool.  She was not happy about having C’s shoes in her backpack; saying, “They are not mine!”  We explained that mommy wanted C’s shoes in her backpack.  I hope that she does not dump them out at school.  She is a hard headed little girl.  She informed Ella and I this morning that she is a grown up now.  And really, it’s hard to argue that she isn’t because she is way to mature for three-years old!
            We stopped at KFC for lunch before coming home.
            Today has been a nice sunny break from the grayness of the last several days.  The daytime high is supposed to be in the upper 70’s or lower 80’s.  That is a nice break from the highs in the 50’s and 60’s also.  For the last several days I’ve had the awnings put away over the patio and the windows.  We needed as much sunshine as we could get through the windows.  Well, today when we got home, I put them back out to cut down on the solar heating of the trailer.
            We haven’t heard anything from Autorama about when we will get the new trailer.  We are starting to get antsy about switching trailers.  I really want to get it done this week while the weather is supposed to be good.

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