Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18 2011

            I just re-read the post from a year ago.  It made me smile because it told of taking our (then) two year old great granddaughter to an RV show and how much she enjoyed it – much to my surprise.  We did not go to the RV show this year and great granddaughter was in preschool so she could not have gone with us.
            This being Sunday, Ella was scheduled to work from 8 to 2.  I went to Sunday school and church and then stopped on the way home to pick up some pizza.  I took the pizza over to the clubhouse and we ate lunch together.  About 1 her relief showed up.  His wife and told him that he needed to be there at 1.  So Ella came home an hour early.
            This was another gray day with constant sprinkle of rain.  So we lie on the bed and read the Sunday paper and took a nap.  Slow raining and gray days are great for napping.
            While I was at church this morning I picked up a CD of the service I preached yesterday.  I listened to part of it on the way home in the truck.  After my nap I tried to play it on the computer.  Windows Media Player would show that there was an audio CD in the player but would do nothing with it.  I tried playing, copying and everything that I could think of.  Nothing worked.  I was finally able to play it using a different player but was unable to copy it to the computer.  Bummer!  I wanted to load it from the CD to the computer so that I could move it from the computer to my Droid X Smartphone.
            I just looked up from typing and notice Ella sitting in the near-dark cutting out coupons.  I asked if it wouldn’t be easier if she could see.  She said she had thought about it.  Then she turned on a light.
            This has been a nice day of rest.  Thank you, Lord.

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