Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17 2011

            Yesterday I found out that my sister, M.A.C., had been taken to the hospital.  That sounds simple, right?  It was not simple to find out.  We stopped to visit her at her apartment and were told that she was not home.  When I ask where she had gone, the reply was, “that’s all I can legally tell you.”  When I pressed for a better answer I was told to call her daughter.
            When we tried calling my niece, K.A.H., she did not know anything about it.  She said to call her sister, G.A.C.  Every time we called her number we got a “the circuits are all busy, please try again later.”  We tried leaving a message on Facebook for her but received no response.  When K.A.H.’s husband returned from work, he knew what was going on because he works in the same place as G.A.C.  Niece K.A.H. called when she found out where her mother was.  So, after a very twisted route, I finally found out where my sister was and why she was in the hospital.
            This morning, after dropping Ella at work, I went to the hospital and visited with her.  This is the same complaint that has taken her to the hospital twice before.  They have not been able to find anything wrong (at least nothing new and nothing that would cause the symptoms).  Sis’ thought that they would send her home today.  I hope that they don’t send her home without discovering what is causing her the pains in her chest.
            After I left the hospital, I stopped at Hammer Medical and bought a knee brace for myself.  Amazing! I spent about $40 for an elastic tube with a hole in it.  But, I have it on and my leg feels about 80% better.
            When I got back to Cutty’s I was just a couple minutes late in getting to the “Cutty’s Hall Meeting” (town hall meeting for a non-town community).  This will be the last monthly meeting until around Memorial Day of 2012.
            After the meeting, I came home and boxed up more knick-knacks.  These will not be moved into the new trailer.  What I envision happening is:  When we are notified that the new trailer is ready, we will unload a bunch of stuff from the old trailer onto the patio.  Then I will have the old trailer moved to storage.  While our site is empty of trailers, I will have a load of gravel brought in to level the drive.  Once that is done, we’ll set the new trailer on site and haul everything in from the patio.  We’ll see what the reality turns out to be!
            We are waiting for oldest daughter, L.A.B. to come and pick up Ella for the bridal shower this evening.  Shortly after they have left, I will head off to church where I am preaching tonight.
(insert pause here)
            I’m home from church.  We had a very small turn out tonight.  But we had fun!  Since Pastor Lee and Cathy were not there to sing in the Praise Band, they ask me to sing with them.  I did.  I’m sure that the people who stayed away did NOT know that I was going to sing, so I am not offended by their absence. (Grin)
            Ella has not returned home yet.  I have no idea when this bridal shower will be over.

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