Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13 2011

            Yesterday, after getting L. off to preschool, we came home and I did a lot of work getting the present trailer (Road Ranger) ready to move into storage.  There is a lot to be done ‘inside’ the trailer yet.  However, 90% of the outside work has been done. 
            I had previously built a ‘dog house’ to enclose the area under the fifth-wheel overhang.  That is a great place to store stuff you don’t need often.  Yesterday, I disassembled the ‘dog house’ and removed all the stuff from under the front end.  Some was moved to another storage area and some was trashed.
            As soon as I had gotten the stuff into storage, it was time to head to church for an Administrative Council meeting.  We are starting to get the reports done for the Church Charge Conference coming on October 15th.  In previous years I had to do a lot more work on all those reports; collecting data, printing sorting, stapling, and distributing.  This year I just need to work with the Worship Committee getting a budget prepared for next year.  The budget and the work we did last night is the end of my duties on this year’s forms.

            I awoke around four this morning with a strange thought running through my mind.  I was thinking about the evil that pockets have caused in this world.  I will have to write out the entire dissertation and post it on my other blog.  www.thomasewilliams.blogspot.com  
            Since I was awake early anyway, I checked on my checking account balance and found that the money, which Ella pulled from her retirement account, had been deposited into the bank.  That means that today we can go to the RV dealer and give them the final check for the Hitch Hiker.  We will do that sometime between taking L. to preschool and picking up C. from school.

            Insert passage of time here

            We dropped L. off at preschool and went to Autorama and gave them the rest of the money for the Hitch Hiker.  Yeah! It is officially ours! We spent some time in the HH checking out things like placement of towel holders, how high the entrance door is from the ground and where the wheels are in relation to the front of the unit.  We also looked, briefly, through the stack of documentation that the previous owner(s) had left.
            Autorama has not started with the detailing of it and most likely will not until after the weekend.  There is a large RV show at the State Fairgrounds and they will be too busy with the show to get much done on our unit. 
            That’s okay with me because I still have enough to do in the Road Ranger before we move it.  We have a lot of knick-knacks that need to come off the shelf and be put away.  Because of the weight, I may need to move the books and bookshelf out of the slide-out before closing it.  The kitchen items from the counter tops will just get moved into the Hitch Hiker.  Some things I can’t move until I know that we’ll have the HH here because they’ll be in the way.
            On the way home from the dealer we grabbed a quick drive-thru lunch and made it back to the grandson’s place about a half an hour from time to pick C. up from school.  After picking up great-granddaughter number one, we went to the preschool to get L.  We had to wait about a half an hour for her school to let out. 
            It was nearly 4 p.m. when we left for home.
            Ella worked tonight, as usual, and had to do a quick change once we got home.  The girls colored in coloring books and played with bubbles for just a little while before daddy came to get them.  C is playing soccer and N is coaching her team.  Tonight was a practice so he had gotten off work a little earlier than usual.
            After Ella, N and the ‘greats’ were gone; I loaded the fifth-wheel receiver back in the back of the pickup.  I’m not strong enough to lift that thing.  However, I am smart enough to know how to use leverage to ‘walk’ it up stacked cement blocks and onto the tailgate of the truck.  Then, using more ‘walking’ and a little grunting I got it locked into place.  The plate part of the receiver has gotten rusty over the last several years of non-use.  So, I got out the cordless drill and a wire brush to polish it up a little.  I will still need to get one of the Teflon pads to go between the receiver and the pin on the trailer.
            By the time I was finished and cleaned up a little, the hungrys had me.  So I went to Subway and ordered a foot-long roast beef with everything except onion (for me) and jalapeños (for Ella).  Then took the sandwich over and shared supper with Ella.  It was only about forty-five minutes until the end of her shift so I stayed and watch television at the clubhouse until we could come home.
            It’s been an eventful day.  I’m trying to remember the last time I wrote a check that had five figures on it!
            Tomorrow is a five-forty-five morning so I’m off to beddy bye!


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