Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16 2011

            I awoke about 5 o'clock this morning. 
            It was very warm in the trailer.  So, I went down to check the electric fireplace/heater and found it was 82 degrees. I turned the heat down and then went back to bed.  When I got up later this morning and found it was now 85 degrees.  As it turned out, I hadn't turned the heater down all I had done was to turn down the intensity of “flames”.
            There is a large RV show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds this weekend.  Normally we would be part of the crowd climbing in and out of trailers and motor homes.  However my legs are hurting and not up to the task.  Also, we just bought one.
            This being Friday, we had breakfast with friends on Des Moines’ eastside.  Since we did not go to the RV show (also on the east side), we stopped and picked up a card and gift for the bridal shower this weekend.
            That was the most that we did all day. 
            This was a sit home and vegetate day.
            (If you think that this was boring to read … you should have lived it)

I had just finished typing this when the church secretary called to say that she could not find the music for one of the hymns I selected for the Saturday service.
So, I went on line and found the sheet music.  I gave the secretary the URL and she will print it for the musicians in the Praise Band.  There, now I have accomplished something today.

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