Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14 2011 part two

            Men’s Bible study was interesting this morning.  A clip from the last few minutes of the movie “Death Becomes Her” was played.  This led us into a discussion of our thoughts and feelings on aging, dying, and eternal life.  After the meeting several of us stayed behind to set up tables and chairs for the Wednesday after school program, UP Kids.
            Ella was instrumental in starting the UP Kids program several years ago.  It was meet with lots of questions and some resistance when it was first purposed.  It started with just a hand full of elementary age kids.  It has now grown to twenty-five elementary and middle school kids.  The older group has named themselves Accidental Angels.  Our church bus goes to the various schools in the area and picks up the children who participate.  We have a waiting list from parents who want their kids to be part of the group.  However, at this point, transportation time and adult volunteers has forced this cap of twenty-five.
            L. and I spent most of the morning watching Disney Junior TV.  She and I would do some of the things along with Mickey Mouse and gang. 
            Just before lunch, Great-grandma decided it was necessary for us to go to Wal-Mart.  She claimed it was because we needed to pick up furniture polish and bedding supplies for the Hitch Hiker.  However, I knew it was to pick up the two pound bag of Werthers candy.  We also purchased a frozen pizza and a package of ice cream sandwiches.  The pizza was for lunch and the ice cream for after school snacks.
            Grandson B. got out of DMACC early because he had a test which he finished early and was free to go.  When it was time, he and I went to school to bring C. home.  Shortly thereafter, Ella and I came home and she is now at work.
            After nine this evening we will be getting together at Village Inn for pie with friends.

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