Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 January 24

This was the poor excuse of a sunrise that greeted us today at Nathan and Beth's home.  We arrived about an hour before "sunrise" to watch the great grand daughters. We only had a short time to visit with Charlotte before I took her to school.
Lorelia sat in my lap and watched "Disney Jr." Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse etc.  
After great grandma told her that she needed a nap before going to preschool, Lorelia stomped up the stairs to her room crying that she didn't want to take a nap.  Shortly, Ella went upstairs and Lorelia said, "I've stopped crying, can I go downstairs?"
Ella told her that she still needed a nap.  Lorelia said, "I'll sleep with Grandpa downstairs."
So, she came downstairs and sat in the recliner with me ... and went to sleep.  I may have dozed a little myself. (grin)

She wiggled around to the point that she was 'burrowing' in behind me.  So, I got up and let her have the whole chair.

She slept until about eleven thirty, at which point Grandma woke her so that she would be awake when Aunt Audrie came home.
Shortly thereafter, Audrie took her to preschool and we headed into Des Moines for another of Ella's dentist appointments.
While Ella was at the dentist, I took Rudolf, the truck, to Valvoline for an oil change.
The oil change taken care of, I drove back across the street to Aspen Dental to wait for Ella.
Before I got out of the truck, Becky, my ex, called to wish me a Happy Birthday ... a day late.
We talked for a while and soon Ella was done with her appointment and joined in the conversation.
Once the phone call was over, we started toward home.
I realized that by now it was after one o'clock and I was hungry.  Knowing that about all that was in the refrigerator was a slice of ham steak, I suggested  going to Subway for lunch.  I had a foot long meatball with pepper jack cheese (no veggies to ruin a perfectly good sandwich) and Ella had a six inch flatbread with Turkey and who knows what all on it.
Once we arrived home, we washed our small about of dirty dishes and settled in for some reading.
The prez's State of the Union/Campaign Speech is on nearly all of the 'over the air' TV channels and we have neither cable nor satellite. I'll either do some more reading (I have an Agatha Christie mystery that I haven't read ... or have forgotten) or watch something that I've recorded on Droid TV.

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