Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 January 25 and 26

         "Good morning, Veterans!  I was a soldier once, and young."  I'm sitting in the VA Hospital waiting for a physical.  In comes a small, stout man wearing a black, felt top hat and greets us with those words above in quotes.  He sits with a groan and recites a poem about Fort Benning School For Boys.  Then declares, "I have a destiny with death," and begins to weep. I replied, "We all do.  But I hope he's patient." 
I arrived at the VA hospital about 10:30 this morning for an 11 o'clock lab test.  it was a fasting lab test so I hadn't eaten since about 6 o'clock yesterday. I have a 1 o'clock appointment with a nurse / administrator about my medical records from Broadlawns hospital.  The actual doctor's appointment for the physical isn't until 2 o'clock.  While I was sitting here in waiting room they brought in some donuts and bear claws.  They were not large, but they were tasty.  
* * *
It's now after 2 o'clock and I've been in to see the doctor a little bit early.  But now I'm going to go get an x-ray on my knee.  Then I am to come back down to see the nurse and get the pneumonia shot. 
* * *
Okay I'm all finished at the hospital and it was interesting.  I will be receiving my prescriptions through the mail.  I've been looking forward to getting new prescriptions from the new doctor.  That'll make switching over from Walgreens a lot easier.  My x-rays will be given to the orthopedic surgeon for further examination and then I will get a call back from him, hopefully. 
        The doctor is also setting me up with an optometrist to check my eyes and hopefully get a prescription for glasses.  The other thing that I was interested in was the dental work, because I have a broken tooth.  This doctor said he didn't think I qualify for the dental work through VA.  That is something that I'll need to check on.  (A little aside here: when I said ‘dental’ the phone typed devil.  So evidently the phone didn't think I was qualified for the devil.) 
* * *
I have picked Ella up from Nathan and Beth’s at about 3:30 or so.  She had been baby sitting in the morning with Lorelia and, even though Aunt Audrie was there to take over the babysitting, she had no way of leaving until I got done at the doctor’s office.  We have a meeting at church at 5 and so are not going to go home and I am starving since it's now 4 o’clock and I haven't eaten since 6 o'clock yesterday evening. 
* * *
We stopped at Village Inn on east 14th street and found the manager there is the same manager that we use to have at Village Inn in Johnston. He is a good guy and I hope a better manager than we've had at this store for a long time. 
* * *
The meeting at church went on until after 7 pm and I was really tired by the time we got out of there.  Several years ago our church started a Wednesday after school program for elementary grade students.  As some of those students graduating from elementary, we started the program for middle school.  This year we had eight in what they call The Accidental Angels.  Next year we're going to have about 18 to 20 in there.  That means we're going to need a lot more volunteers than we currently have.  We also discussed exactly what we want the future of that mission to be.  We are trying to identify which ‘needs’ we can realistically expect to meet.  Most of the students are from low income and single parent families.  Some of the students have a parent who is incarcerated.  Most of them have been un-churched for most of their lives. 
Our goal, other than bringing them to relationship with God, is to give them the life skills they will be to succeed in life. 


The above was written yesterday on the 25th.  This is now January 26th 2012 and I am sitting in front of Aspen Dental waiting for my loving wife to get more teeth worked on it yet again.  I had thought that she would me done several visits ago.  I was wrong.   So here I sit talking into my Droid.  People walking by are looking at me like I'm strange.  Which I am.  However, I am not really sitting here talking to myself … as it appears to the passersby.
An odd thing keeps happening; the Weatherbug keeps posting dense fog advisories for the Des Moines area.  The strange thing is ... it is bright and sunny and I don't see a cloud in the sky. 
Because it is a bright, sunny day and above freezing I intend to make use of the good weather to empty my holding tanks and refill the freshwater tank on the RV. 
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I did indeed empty and refill the tanks.

I then went to Emeritus and conducted a Bible study.   I had a nice nap this afternoon.  And I took a photo of the sunset.  Enjoy.

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