Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 March 06 Tuesday

            Up at five forty-five to go to Ankeny to babysit.  We stopped at McDonalds for McMuffins to eat on the way.  We were most of the way to Ankeny before I realized how much better I was feeling.  Still have a dry cough but it is not as persistent.
            Cierra dropped the girls off about 7:20 so there wasn’t much time before taking Charlotte to school.  However, she did start reading a book.  I think it was called “Bad Kitty”.  She really likes reading to me. And I really like having her read with such enthusiasm.
            Lorelia was her usual ball of kinetic energy.  She is a real live reality show, complete with sound track.  She talks all the time and narrates her life.  Luckily, she likes to include me in her play.  Today she also had Ella flying a spaceship with her.  I got to help her ‘pack’ to go to outer space.  We also watched Mickey Mouse Club.  I have tired of Disney Jr and so switched to another kid’s channel and we watched a show about mermaids.  I believe it was called Bubble Eye Guppies or something like that.
            Audrie got there just shortly before noon to take Lorelia to preschool.  That meant we were free to head for home.
            As we pulled into the campground, we went to the office to pay our electric bill for the month.  We owed a few cents over seventeen dollars for the month.
            Now switching gears…
            It was a sunny seventy degrees today and I opened three of the RV’s roof vents.  I also took the plastic off of one of the windows to let the cool air blow through.  Wonderful.
Now switching gears…
            I got a call from Heather and we talked for quite a while about the research we are both doing on Ancestory.com.  She has been researching the Oldstein family tree while I have been working on the Williams.  I emailed her the document that I’d put together.
Now switching gears…
            Nathan, Beth and the girls came out this evening.  Nathan is going to try and find and fix the coolant leak in Rudolf the truck.  While he was looking at the truck, the girls (including Beth and Ella) went to the playground.
            Altogether we had a good day!

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