Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 March 4 Sunday

It’s been too long since I wrote.  And just as long since I felt like writing.  This cold just will NOT go away!
It started on last Tuesday evening and reached its peak on Wednesday.  I woke on Thursday morning (late) and realized my fever had broken!  Yeah!  I’m cured!  Now I can get on with my life!  
I’ve slept more in the last four or five days than I’ve been awake.  And my loving wife has decided to join in all the fun.  Though it doesn’t seem to have hit her quite as hard.  (Or maybe she’s just way tougher than I am.)  She, being smarter than I, went to the doctor.  He told her she was already doing everything that could be done to get over this crud, rest and liquids.
We are both coughing and wheezing like slowly deflating balloons.  Several times, I’ve thought that Kramer the cat was mewling only to realize it was me … or Ella.  It’s entertainin’ (for a short while) to lie abed and hear the bubbling, crackling sounds inside yer breathin’ holes.  With the cacophony of sounds we’re creating you’d expect a lot of congestion.  You’d be wrong!  Other than one pasty looking glob that I coughed out on Thursday, no sign of mucus.  I guess that means the airways are just constricted.
We elected to stay home from church today so as to not pass it around anymore than it already has been.
Tomorrow is when Ella goes in for the second cataract surgery.  She had told then on Friday about the cold.  They indicated that it would not delay the surgery.  I hope it doesn’t delay the recovery.
Well that’s it for now.  I think it’s time for another nap.
Another terrible snow storm (grin).

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