Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 March 23 Friday

            Good day.  Kyna, Kara and Kara’s granddaughter Keira (hope I spelled that correctly) came down to visit us today.  We had a great time visiting and I gave them printouts of the family tree on which I’ve been working.  
            After lunch we went up to the play area to wear out the granddaughter.  She had a fun climbing on the giraffe shaped jungle gym.  The high corkscrew shaped slide was a hit with her as were the swings that rotate like a merry-go-round.  Kara said that they would come back with a picnic lunch and the rest of the kids sometime next week.
            From here they were going to the hospital to see Kirk’s wife/girlfriend.  She is having congestive heart failure.  It sounds very serious.
            Later, after Ella had gone to work, I removed the insulation from around the base of the Hitch Hiker.  I will take it to the compactor tomorrow so that it doesn’t overfill the trash container.
            I also unrolled the patio awning so that it could dry and air out.  The weather has remained well above normal and is forecast to remain there through the end of the month.  It will be fun to sit out on the patio with friends. 
I almost forgot how foggy it was this morning.
Do you see the clubhouse in the background?
Nah ... neither do I!

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