Sunday, March 25, 2012


Adam, Tate, Emery and Grandpa Tom went to the zoo

Waiting in line to enter

Still Waiting in line

And waiting ... not so patiently

More waiting ... are we ever going to get in?

Still waiting and getting on each other's nerves

Red Panda

Blue Striped Panda

Cubs of the Blue Striped Panda ... Hey!  Where'd Dad go?

More Red Pandas

I've got an itch I can't quite reach

Pink Flamingos

Black Swans ... Say, Red Panda, Pink Flamingos, Black Swans ... is the a color themed zoo?

River Otters

The otters are having so much fun people watching

Suddenly, the otters become very popular

Ring tailed Lemurs all in a ball.  What a close knit family

Dinosaur Egg

Tate and Emery in a dinosaur egg

Peacock eating peanuts



Peacock ... Whadda you lookin' at?


Double waddle something 


Three hopping things
Sea Lions ... not handicap accessible 

Non-Sea Lion

I'm not lyin' that's a tiger

And its twin ... okay, now I am lyin'

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