Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 March 30 Friday

 Yesterday turned out to be a great day to work outside.  I decided to remove the decorative lava rock from next to the patio.  I planted flowers in their place.  Ella brought the hanging plants from inside and hung them on shepherds hooks.  She also planted some peas and beans in pots.  By the way, this sounds much easier than it actually was.
            I also barbequed some ribs.  I rubbed them with a dry rub and then seared them over hot coals.  From there they went into the crock pot with BBQ sauce to slow cook all day.  The ribs went well with baked potatoes and baked carrots.
            We also went to Johnston for twenty pounds of wild bird seed and Shopper’s Mart for suet cakes.  (I’m not sure why we need to feed them when the weather is this nice.)
            We stopped at the Johnston Senior Center and picked up the calendar and menu for April.  We haven't been    there for lunch yet this year.  It's cheap eats and good conversation with a bunch of old f@rts like us.
            Now this is kind of sad ... I forgot what else we had done yesterday ... so I checked my Facebook timeline ... and discovered that we had also stopped at Home Depot for some Damp Rid.

       To skip back to the planting of flowers ... I tried something new this year, Flowers on a Roll.  I don't know if that's the correct name or not because I've already thrown the boxes away.  However, what it is is pre seeded little 'blankets' that you just roll out in the flower bed.  The roll fit the area that I needed to plant.  Simple.  Now to see how well it works.  I bought the butterfly and humming bird flower selection.  
          We've never been able to attract humming birds to our feeder even though we've seen them in the area.  Ella picked up something that is supposed to attract Orioles also.

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