Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 March 29 Thursday

40 percent off all Burpee Seeds
20 percent off all Burpee Seeds?
I had to ask at Menards.
40 percent was the Burpee discount
and Menards was discounting 20
percent from the lower price.

 Wednesday was interesting.
      We babysat in the morning at Nathan and Beth's.  We were there until time to take Charlotte to school.  Then I left for the Men's Bible Study at our church.  
      When that was over, I called Ella (who was still in Ankeny babysitting Lorelia) and told her that I was going to go home and clean up around our RV.  She decided that she and Lorelia would go with me.  So, back to Ankeny and then to Grimes.
      We cleaned up the insulation board from around the base of the RV and took it to the compactor/recycle area of Cutty's Campground.
      We were about ready to leave and go to Ella's Eye Doctor appointment when grandson Nathan called to say that Beth was in an auto accident.  He was going to pick up Lorelia and then pick up Beth (who had driven home) and take her to the doctor.  Good news, she and the baby are fine.  She's a little sore but nothing serious.
      We then went to Ella's eye appointment.  Both eyes have healed from the cataract surgery and she will not need to see the doctor for another year.  She is really enjoying not wearing glasses (except for reading).
     Shortly after we returned home, the first of my nieces and family began showing up for a 'picnic' supper at our clubhouse.  I managed to get pictures of everyone but Russ and I.  I tried at one point to take his picture and realized that because of all the light behind him, it was just going to be a silhouette.

Here is a picture of me taken yesterday ... not at the picnic.

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