Thursday, April 26, 2012

To get us caught up

Here is what we've been doing lately

Been lectured by four year old great granddaughter, Lorelia

Eating ice cream at grandson's house

Seven year old Charlotte following her ice cream with Pringles

Decorating the new Excel with plaster casts of our children. (Grin)

Popping balloons on the Razer Smartphone while enjoying the couch in the Excel

Baking Sugar cookies in the oven in the Excel ... just to see if the oven works.  yeah, right!

capturing rainbows over the neighbor's fifth wheel

Other end of the same rainbow.  missed the shot of the double rainbow.

Letting Cleo (grandson's dog) sleep.  You know, "Let sleeping dogs lie"

Ever notice that there is always a phone in Ella's hand?

Me, Tom, helping Lorelia sleep.

Geese and new goslings

Great granddaughters at the park

Monkey on the monkey bars

Me not successfully helping Lorelia sleep

Walking Lorelia who is walking Cleo

I'm getting very good at helping Lorelia sleep

No pictures please while I'm concentrating on ice cream

You just know that this isn't going to end well.
Charlotte wisely chose a sundie instead of a drippy cone

different day, different ice cream, same kids

Charlotte and I

It's a good thing my lap is big enough for two girls

Yep!  One very happy great granddad

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