Saturday, April 28, 2012

More work on the deck

Well, the drill recharged (somewhat) so I got back to work on the deck.
I set in place with the help of a neighbor who stopped by to see what I was doing.  Usually when people stop by to see what I'm doing they assume the role of supervisor not assistant. But this time it really helped with the positioning of the deck and attaching the legs and leveling the deck.  
I used the level on my Droid smart phone.  Yes there is an app for that.  It is called Bubble.  I also use it to make sure the RV is level when I set it up in a campsite.

Ella came to the door to see how it was coming.  I explained that the deck was in place and level however I don't have all the bracing in place as of yet.  (Drill needs more charging... I doubt I'll get it finished today.)

I used the old set of steps as a saw horse while positioning the height of the deck and as a temporary way of getting in and out of the RV.
Ella saw the old steps at the end of the deck and asked if that was where I was going to put the new steps.  
It is not.  The new steps will lead off of the side of the deck and onto the patio.
That will have to wait until the drill is fully recharged because I'll need it a lot when I am working on the steps.

More to come ... maybe tomorrow

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